Update Client 07/04/21

To log in, you must download the latest client game server files update Full Patch 07.04.21     below full patch. Mirror#1 Mirror#2

Changelog 06/04/2021

– Fixed issue with crt button for attack enemy on all vs all Events– Hero Weapon Signer skill silence chance reduced by 20%– Updated new geodate in regions 24:14, Area around Hot Springs–  Fixed issue with removing masks after changing mask position in inventory. Masks like Hero Wings or Lord Crown

Top Killer – Cash Event

Top Killer – Cash Event We want to give you another great opportunity to compete against others, have some quality time &fun and at the same time also to have a chance to win some cash, here is how this will work! There will be new item added to the

Event Cash Siege!

We want to add a bit of spice and heat up the fights at Aden Siege on 24th of April 2021 and turn it into Cash Event with reward of 200 euros – that’s right, we are back with the Cash Event so the winning Clan on top of the

Changelog 04.02.2021

below list of changes which have taken place in todays update: 1.  Reduced by half reuse of Recall skills for Sieges2.  Power of nature skill has been removed from Elven Ruins3.  Added Clan Halls in Hunter Village4.  Added L2Gold weapon safe exchange feature, you will be able to safely exchange

Update Client 04/03/21

To log in, you must download the latest client game server files update Full Patch 04.03.21     below full patch. Mirror#1 Mirror#2

Discord Server

Hello Everyone!This is our official Discord channel and everyone is more than welcome here, we want to be closer to our community and make it grow as big as possible as we are now very close to big happening for us which will be brand new website. We kindly ask you

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