Change of Plans! Event Cash Dynasty

Change of Plans! 

Because revealing Dynasty Armour is such a special happening we have decided to increase the rewards on our cash event to make them more adequate!
These now will be as follows:

1st player who gets dynasty armour set will receive 150 euros
2nd player who gets dynasty armour will receive 100 euros
3rd player who gets dynasty smrour set will receive L2Good weapon of choice +12

A quick reminder of the rules: 

On the 30th we will perform the update which will enable refining new armour and this is when the event starts!
As above players who will get the new armour set 55% as the first three on our server will receive rewards. 
If you want to join the event you must post a screenshot with a date and time stamp on it so that we can check what time you have done your armour.please be aware that we will cross reference your proof with our database to ensure no one is cheating!

Good luck to everyone!

Event 6 VS 6 – 22nd October

Event 6 VS 6

Will take place  on 22nd of October at 22:00 +2GMT

This will be A Grade gear only event

Enchant limit: Armor/Jewels/Weapon +3

No allowed items: Greater healing potions, CP potions, S-grade items, Hat’s from vote & Special mask with increased stats, Resurrection and awaking scrolls

Jewels like Ant Queen Ring/ Core/Orfen are not allowed either

Empower/Wind Walk/Haste potions are allowed. 

Not allowed items must be left in your Warehouse, you cannot have them in your inventory – we urge everyone to follow that rule as everyone who has any of not allowed items will only cause delays in the whole event as we will be checking your inventories.

Each party can have one character of this class: Cardinal , Hierophant , Eva’s Saint or Shillien Saint, these classes we classify healer classes and each team can have only one of them

Other than above, remaining 5 members of team must be made of 4 different classes, which means 2 characters can be the same class

(example: tyrant, tyrant, spellsinger, doom cryer, hawkeye)

Hero skills are not allowed , each team with Hero character will have one of GM’s together in party during fight to ensure these skills are not being used

It is already raised above but I will repeat it here: Please follow the not allowed items restrictions and MAKE SURE THEY ARE NOT IN YOUR EQUIPMENT as we will be checking you over, failing on that rule will extend the whole happening in time.

Reward list:



L2Gold Weapon +10 OR  Weapon A Grade  Sa +14 SA

2x Epic Box

500 Event-Medals 



 Weapon  S Grade SA +15, OR Weapon A Grade  Sa+13

2x Epic Box

400 Event-Medals 



Weapon  S Grade SA +14, OR  Weapon A Grade  Sa +12

1x Epic Box

 300 Event-Medals 

Discord Server

Hello Everyone!
This is our official Discord channel and everyone is more than welcome here, we want to be closer to our community and make it grow as big as possible as we are now very close to big happening for us which will be brand new website. We kindly ask you to be polite to each other, do not be offensive and have respect to each other!
It has been created to have any topic conversation between everyone 
( Including us as a L2Gold team)
Looking forward to speak to each and everyone of you!
L2Gold Team

Discord Server