Changelog 14.07.2021

Hello everyone!

Hope you are keeping well and enjoying summer time wherever you are! 

Below is a list of changes which are taking effect from today. You will need to download our latest patch in order to connect

– Reward from Top Killer Box has been changed, from now on you can get: Blessed Enchant Scroll Weapon S 21-54, Secret Book of Giants +11 or  Sub Class Crow. 

– Added unique fists to Safe Exchange Event
– Antibot has been updated, you will have to download latest patch in order to connect to our server.
– Added new siege which will take place in Innadril 18.07.2021 (current owner of the castle will be rewarded)
– Added new weekly vote reward system. You will receive rewards every week for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. How to vote? Visit   and find out!
– Added new auto announcement which is now more clear and readable, so the information can be passed over smoothly and everyone can see it.
– Fixed resurrection time problem interface
– From now on, when you will be claiming your hero status, every player will be able to see who takes hero on which class.

– Updated rewards from siege, from now on you can receive Top Mold from Siege Box   which can be used during Safe Exchange Event! 
–  Hero skill chances have been reduced on all weapons
– Added next automatic events Raid boss! will take place:

– Updated rewards from siege, from now on you can receive Top Mold from Siege Box   which can be used during Safe Exchange Event! 
–  Hero skill chances have been reduced on all weapons
– Added next automatic events Raid boss! will take place:

  1. 19/07/2021 20:30 to 21:30 +2GMT
  2. 02/08/2021 20:30 to 21:30 +2GMT
  3. 16/08/2021 20:30 to 21:30 +2GMT
  4. 30/08/2021 20:30 to 21:30 +2GMT
  5. 13/08/2021 20:30 to 21:30 +2GMT

Event Offline Shop starting today!!! Set up your offline shop with thrust worthy items for sale at relevant price and you will receive a gift box from us! Shop must stay on for few days.

PS. after the summer season we will finally implement c6 skills and refining dynasty armor to 100% on the server, get ready!

Changelog 21/05/2021

See below changelog, these are effective from today after the server is going back up, please ensure to update all of your files!

 – Added new Vote system which is fully operational, you can give your votes her -> and put in your character 
 nickname and then hit the button ”reward”
 – Elven Ruins zone will now ba available on Wednesday’s , Friday’s and Sunday’s from
 – Added newbie support – after getting 2nd class, you will receive Adena Rune Bonus 50% (effect works only without party) 
 – Boosted Adena drop from Unicors and Golden Stag Lord monsters
 – Boosted drop of stronger giants Crokian Warrior which can be found in Outlaw Forest
 – Hero dagger Silence skill succes rate has been decreased by 20% 
 – Added Magic defence effect to Heroic Valor Skill and reduced time of this skill from 2 minutes to 1 minute 
 – Added new box with blessed enchants, you can only get it by being  top killer during automatic events, box can be found in Event Shop
 – Changed the look of Fighter classes when wearing Dynasty Robe
 – Added new system to automatic events – from now on we will have events 4 sides : Green, Yellow, Red and blue
 – Added auto announcment which will inform everyone about Epic Raid Bosses respawning!
 – From now on, once you will claim your Hero status on Sunday @00:00 +2GMT everyone will see announcment who became a hero!
 – Added Ancient Unique Fists
 – Boosted rewards from Quest forsolo players!    
 – Epic Boss Zaken hit points are reduced 2x
 – Epic Boss Queen ant hit points are reduced 2x
 – Critical has been restored on Sonic Rage skill
 – Phoenix Knight class is now getting Buff Focus level 1 buff from beginning of the fight in Olympiad area
 -Prophency of Wind changed critical damage boost from 10% to 20%
– Added more space for summoning flags during Rune Siege
 – Mini bosses drop boosted
– Event Offline Shop – set up your offline shop with thrust worthy items for sale at relevant price and you will receive a gift box from 
  us! Shop must stay on for few days.

Changelog 01/05/2021

See below change log, these are taking effect from today. Make sure to download latest patch! 

– Reduced rate drop recipes from vampire monsters
– Raid Boss Rahha moved to Outlaw Forest (check out)


– Epic boss Core, Orfen now have 2x more Life!- increased Drop from elemental Dragon monsters Items:  Adena and Yellow Crystals (Event IV Arenas)
– New map Colisuem has been added!
– increased damage with a bow on the Destroyer class after using Frenzy


– Skill Trick increased chance of target cancel by 4%
– Skill Switch increased chance of target cancel by 4%
– Elven Ruins removed
– Added new zone opened location Outlaw Forest (Combat zone)
– FPS optimizer has been added, you can turn on functions with the command .menu


– increased drop Stone Giant drop will drop from now more blesseds and Yellow Crystals accurately 84 -156 amount!
 This Giant is available daily from 00:00 – 00:30 + 2 GMT at the Giant Cave
– New Weapon  Ancient L2G-Oldschool has been added. now drops from all Raid Bosses / Epic Bosses

– Increased drop from the Mini Boss Crokian Ladd (chceck out)


– Increased Critical Attack in weapon L2Gold Crokian blade * Crokain blade
– Increased drop Normal Giants!
– Another Safe Exchange event has been prepared! Be ready to exchange!
– Added another new all vs all event, it will take place every Friday at 22:00 + 2GMT
– Unlocked skills on Giants from dagger except skill Leathal Blow
– New Weapon L2Gold Fisty has been added!


  Weapon can drop from below raid bosses / Epic Bosses!

Satan (Event-Medal)
Beastlord Behemoth
Geyser Guardian Hestia
Varka Commnder Mos
Anakim (Event highrate)

– Event Battle all vs all VI Arenas changed to 22:00 + 2GMT every Tuesday!
– Added new Giant Crokian Warrior with bigger drop Yellow Crystals x1.2x more than the regular giant ones. You can find him in Outlaw Forest (Combat zone)
– Added new Siege Rune will take place on 9th May 21:00 + 2GMT
– 3 Siege Will be stopped after the summer period we will bring back a few sieges. The winner of the last sieges and every owner of the castle will get a prize from us
– Added Shop Zone in Aden!
– A new exchange box for  PvP Awards has been added!
– Anit bot protection updated! Login problem solved for many people!

– New system! Schedule of days below which system is running divided into days

Tuesday – All vs All
Wednesday – Class Based
Thursday – All vs All
Friday – Class Based
Saturday – All vs All
Sunday – Class Based

– Class base limit of players to be taken to battle changed from 5 to 3
– Olympiad system points 3 +/- removed!
– Restored old system giving points at olympiad.
– Phoenix Knight classes are now getting buff Might lvl 1 buff from beginning of the fight in Olympiad

In the next update, refining the armor dynasty to 100% will be unlocked!

The changes regarding the Olympiad will be valid from Monday. The Olympiad starts on every Tuesday!

Changelog 16.04.2021

See below change log, these are taking effect from today. Make sure to download latest patch! 

– Blocked RaidBomb summoning on the Medal Event
– Added new Daily Quest system for RaidBoss with better rewards (Learn more soon!)

– Boosted drop of Epic and standard RaidBosses

Ketra Chief Brakk
Fire of Wrath Shuriel
Antharas Priest Cloe
Last Lesser Giant Olkuth
Carnage Lord Gato
Hestia, Guardian Deity of the Hot Springs
Palibati Queen Themis

 -S Grade weapons refining system has been made safer, from now on it is now dependable on you which enchant + you are going to use for to obtain special ability weapon

 -Crown Raid Bosses drop has been reduced, from now they will drop between 1 and 2 crowns.
– Removed Zaken teleport
– Zaken has been removed from damage protection night/day
– Remaoning Epic Bosses static time has been set, these are as follows:

  Core   – Sunday 17:00 +2GMT
  Orfen  – Saturday 17:00 +2GMT
  Zaken  – Monday 23:00 +2GMT

– Added more Raid Bosses to RaidBoss event which is taking place every two weeks!
– Event Cash has been prepared for 04/17/2021 more details coming soon!
– Added new zone for Events

– Cleanse skill added to bishop
– Added Epic Bosses to daily quest with relevant rewards (Learn more soon!)

– Changed Olympiad rewarding system to +3/-3 points per won/lost fight  (Changes will be subject to change from Monday)
– Maestro and Fortune Seeker classes are now getting Might lvl 1 buff from beginning of the fight in Olympiad (Changes will be subject to change from Monday)

Upcoming new Weapon Ancient L2G-OldSchool Weapon, New weapon will be discovered on 30th April!

Changelog 06/04/2021

– Fixed issue with crt button for attack enemy on all vs all Events
– Hero Weapon Signer skill silence chance reduced by 20%
– Updated new geodate in regions 24:14, Area around Hot Springs
–  Fixed issue with removing masks after changing mask position in inventory. Masks like Hero Wings or Lord Crown will now be taken down automatically as soon as you will not be eligible to wear them.
– Antharas can not drop Zeusk Mask of Life and Zeus Mask of Protection
– Imported Hero Glow from C4 Client


– Added automatic RaidBoss Event which will be taking place every 2 weeks on Monday,
 1st. Event Raidboss 11/04/2021 2nd. Event Raidboss 25/04/2021
–  Monday will now be a day without Olympiad, which means Olympiad games are taking place 6 days of the week from now on. This will allow people to take a break from these fights and enjoy!
– Added new Shields L2G-Oldschool image.png which can be dropped from every RaidBoss, get ready before adding Ancient L2G-OldSchool weapons!
– From now on Berserker Spirit Buff takes M Def as it should be.
– Added Beast Spiritshot for pets to Misc Shop NPC Harvana
– Bright Servitor self buff pet blocked on Olympiad
– Beast Spiritshot for pet allowed to be used on Olympiad
– Soultaker gets buff Shield lvl 1 from beggining of the fight in Olympiad
– Maestro and Fortune Seeker classes get buff Focus lvl 1 from beginning of the fight in Olympiad

Some important info:

* Everyday @ 00:00- 00:30 +2GMT there is a special Gian being summoned ”Stone Giant” with great drop!

*From now on you don’t always have to have multibox in order to farm as you get buffs automatically from certain monsters in top zones ( Vampire Warrior and Confessor Gigant) 
* Static Epic times were made in order to allow everyone to take part in fights, below is a reminder when and what time they are respawning

– Queen Ant – Tuesdays, 23:00 +10 minutes
– Antharas – Thursdays, 23:00 +10 minutes
– Baium – Fridays, 23:00 +10 minutes
– Valakas – Saturdays, 23:00 +10 minutes


Also quick reminder about some events:

Mondays: Event-Medal 20:00 +2GMT | RaidBoss Event 21:30+2 GMT
Tuesdays Event Battle All Vs All IV Arens 20:00 +2 GMT


Wednesdays: Siege Gludio/Goddard 21:00 +2 GMT
Fridays: Event Highrate 


There will be further changes with regards to the rest Epic Bosses in next updates.

We are also working towards bringing most popular Olympaid system which is all vs all but this will not happen until we are ready for it.