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Changelog 06/04/2021

- Fixed issue with crt button for attack enemy on all vs all Events- Hero Weapon Signer skill silence chance reduced by 20%- Updated new geodate in regions 24:14, Area around...

Update Client 06/04/21

To log in, you must download the latest client game server files update Full Patch 06.04.21     below full patch. Mirror#1 Mirror#2

Share & Win event!

Event in Facebook #x45 #Chronicle 4 Scions of Destiny The intentionof this event is to support the new players.Please do not ask/register for rewards if you are a person who...

Changelog 26.03.2021

The following changes are valid from 26/03/2021 Added territory hwid check (this will be helpful during live events)Added new panel for staff members in order to allow them work more...

Update Client 26/03/21

To log in, you must download the latest client game server files update Full Patch 26.03.21     below full patch. Mirror#1 Mirror#2

Top Killer – Cash Event

Top Killer – Cash Event We want to give you another great opportunity to compete against others, have some quality time &fun and at the same time also to have...

Update Client 26/12/2022

 DOWNLOAD FULL PATCH & L2UPDATER If you have clean client game Lineage 2 Interlude, then download our patch (v.85), and installit in the folder with the game. Do not forget...

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changelog 10/12/2022

Olympiad Amount of participed users requied to start olympiad in non-class mode minimally 5 players buffed individual classes extra buffs/level change buff· Phoenix Knight: Might 3, Focus 3, Guidance 2·...

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Changelog 31/03/2022

– Event Tournament time has been changed – from now on these will take place @ 23:00 +3GMT (event lasts 5 minutes) – Event Tournament reward has been boosted, from now...

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Changelog 16/11/2021

Hi Everyone! To make these autumn/almost winter evenings or days which you are spending with us on L2Gold more enjoyable for you, we have performed below updates on our server : –...

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