Fresh start l2gold

Fresh start
Special Event B Grade Opening 06/02/23
The server will be opened at 19:00 UTC
a special event for New players!
B Grade Event (during the voting period 2-6 Weeks
A grade Event 2-6 Weeks (decisions will be made during the game regarding 2 events)
And on the next weeks we will limit your ability to use S grade Armors 100% and S Grade weapons ( excluding L2 Gold weapons)
All masks will be blocked. (Except the ones from Vote store)
In addition to this we will also remove the ability to use hero weapons druing (B Grade Event)
So in total the event will last for 8-10 weeks
(Very limited enchant of items to give the ability to play as a new player! (enchant limit will be updated each week)
Monsters drop will get boosted with big loot!
L2Gold Weapons / Shields B grade will drop from raid bosses!
Same day wee will start event safe exchange with l2gold weapons +16 exchange for B Grade Weapons L2Gold!

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