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  1. RevolutionCrew inc.

    Who did i beg for ally? Stefa is ofc a Joke The Fact that i quited Lineage Long time ago dosent mean that i dont have videos and staff to prove something We still 10-15 people playing once per year.The Same people as always Who the f@ck are you and all the rest talking in here? i've fucked you and your friends plenty of times.i got fucked too plenty of times We are on 2k19 and ALL of you keep on sucking balls each other. So if you are a Forum warrior speak with Nicknames and Clan names.Dont throw your shits up here anonymously And smthing be honest.Who the fuck are you son?
  2. RevolutionCrew inc.

    So bad
  3. RevolutionCrew inc.

    We managed to make a big side to counter the "mid rate players" so we are the zerg We had mid rate players , so they are the zerg Also we had pve players.Enjoy your pixels.PveStefa You keep on talking and spamming in every single post we make.After all this years Get a Life Sister cmon P.S We had Gold players also joining the Pre Announced Zerg of Mid Rats,Just in the hope to gain some "EPICS" At Least Miserable...
  4. RevolutionCrew inc.

    heh i wont argue in this forum like the Previus one we are coming. friends only for 1 day or 1 week or 1 month.who gives a fuck retards about all of you
  5. RevolutionCrew inc.

    inc #HeartPalm