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  1. Class vs Class oly

    Most of the people dont play oly with their main classes ... Thats one reason to go Class Based. Instead of having 5-6 HE in class based playing oly,most of them will log Pony,Tyrant,TK,Sws or w/e the server has without nerfs. Then people jump into the stupid argument "Newbies cannot play versus people with +20 weaps" like a)everyone has +20 and b) a newbie is supposed to have the same gears by any means with someone who is playing here for months. Those people vote btw
  2. Class vs Class oly

    If i start playing a server 3 days ago in any server ,should i stand a chance versus someone who plays for moths? In PvP,gear,Oly ... WTFFF am i reading @=Matthew= This guy votes ...
  3. Class vs Class oly

    Its really funny to me that random people talk trash when they havent feed class based WITH ENEMIEs in their lives. In order to avoid 3 full geared people you need an army ... Trash wont dont know how to play their class properly are going to be exposed
  4. Olympiad vs Rebirths

    The change will be meaningless because the plague itself is the AvA and the feedfest. It doesnt matter if you remove the 3HP rebs... The mages will lose the 3 Acumen.Its not even nerf actually (as it is). Changing a variable from this multi-variable equation wont make any difference.You have to start removing those from the "field"(gameplay).
  5. RevolutionCrew inc.

    in the official server* (typo after rewriting) Low quality forum doesnt let you edit.GJ
  6. RevolutionCrew inc.

    His post is just retarded. He just said "once randoms forever randoms" and he posted a screenshot from official server (i guess). In short,if the definition of a random player is the non factor player who is mostly unknown to the server,then Wody is a random player in the official player and his quote is (directly) referred to him. Thats straight up brain damage.
  7. RevolutionCrew inc.

    ok boomer random
  8. RevolutionCrew inc.

    Who the fck is Wody anyway? I dont remember any char named Wody in the original gold and i had been playing (and being in touch when i was solo) with the Romanians for years (since C4 AZ). There was a window ,maybe several months, in which randoms joined the clan but who the fck is this dude and since when he is a factor.
  9. RevolutionCrew inc.

    (Messed up sentence in the first and the second line from deleting-retyping but anyway) Its been like 5+years without the original gold.Its so fcking annoying seeing all these randoms trying to pretend that they were factors (by calling others randoms). Hopefully more people will just wait until someone reopens an old server (with an old db) or just a solo PVP based server. This is so fcking stupid to begin with...
  10. RevolutionCrew inc.

    We are close to 2020 and nothing has changed. Every single servers is farmfest PVE with the exact same farm-material system.Every single admins will kneel down to his knees in order to give a bj to the known clanleaders in order to bring people here. Its been like 5 years and every single server has similar pack and 0 solo pvp. I used to flame Gaiden/Siqma but holy fck its not even close at this point. The best thing that happened to these random l2gold servers is the b grade pvp all vs all which NOONE brought back.In 1 hour it was easily 80-100 pvps. Buy hey ... Every single admin just listens to Wody Dawizz and 7thSky . The triplet of retards which ruined more than half of the servers with their feedback/suggestions. The previous was ruined by Wody and his feedback for Enria / Apella R stats. Apella R mage had similar pdef with a tank. P.S Right now, there is an "antibot" running in ur system. This Russian "anti cheat" has some kind of exe running in ur temp files ,reporting stuff to some random server + this server (which means open port in ur PC).Even if u close the l2.exe , there is a file named "active64.sys" which "injects" into ur system files and it remains active no matter what u try.U have to reboot in order to close. This is it folks : In order to keep FEW botters away, you have to run some packed VMProtect(ed) code in ur fcking PC until the "company" decides to replace that with a ransomware.
  11. RevolutionCrew inc.

    L2 era will be over when you Wody and Dawizz will get the fck out. Until then, admins will wipe and reopen the servers in order to make $$ and people like you will farm over and over again the exact same mats for the same armor ,for 123123th time.
  12. RevolutionCrew inc.

    Ur gears and ur friends' gears combined were way less than just my oly gear u monkey. Also making statements and quoting people without any proof is just a retarded statement which can truth or a lie.So,its just empty words...
  13. RevolutionCrew inc.

    Wody calling others irrelevant ... Lmao. Forum - keyboard warriors who didnt own even dyna in the original server ,with less than 100 pvp ... suddenly they became relevant. KEKW
  14. RevolutionCrew inc.

    After a couple of epics, there are "winners" and "losers". The losers will always find a couple of excuses to quit and the winners will probably create a zerg big enough to make pointless for any clan to go rbs. Most of the known clans will upload their "victories" , move on in the next server after 2-3 weeks. The whole thing keeps repeating for years now and its pointless. The admins themselves open the donations after 2-3 days and they quit themselves after 2 weeks because the cashgrab has been finished and there is no point to keep alive this kind of server anyway. Fun fact: The same retards will come to forums in order to argue over RB spawn timers and why Valakas has to be 1 week. Every single l2gold server had maximum 1-2 valakas and maybe several AQ/Baiums.I guess all these retards enjoy their borderline garbage F1 archer fraps and they jerk off when they use adr in order to farm up and be ahead of those who wont pay a dime in this kind of sh1t. @LIVE® This is the reason why you dont focus in the clans tbh. The server has to be fast paced with easy to get items but hard enough to get higher enchants (normal until +10 and then e.g 10%). The solo pvp keep servers alive.... or u can just try to find an old db of gold and give that a try (no Kappa).With a decent wipe on the lvl1 full item bots,there are many who will pay up just to keep that server alive tbh like they did when it was alive.