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  1. RevolutionCrew inc.

    you jokes dont deserve anymore attention than you already got. cya on server
  2. RevolutionCrew inc.

    LMAO nice troll
  3. RevolutionCrew inc.

    yeah i am a slave but you keep coming back on our post proving me right everytime. OK bro we damaged you badly over the years i am sorry yea like you said 20 IQ
  4. RevolutionCrew inc.

    dont feel bad for me brah, my life is just fine ok i played with people you did, stefa did too, so what? is there a rule or smth? i can play with the best player in the world and still be a joke.... i mean your logic is beyond me srsly
  5. RevolutionCrew inc.

    i will show you this cause you are the BEST ADVERTISE OF OUR CLAN/CP that obsession is funny P.S @Stefa after you watch these, come here flame our videos our fraps our member or Alex, you will prove me right again <3
  6. RevolutionCrew inc.

    first of all i dont need to hear my self i need to read it but i dont know who you are and if you were on the last but this happened: a typical AQ afternoon-night 2 sides fighting for aq in the hole deep inside and 4 pt's outside where pveing the rb. nothing more nothing less. we dont give a damn about the ring anyway but this is what happened
  7. RevolutionCrew inc.

    @Stefa you can say those thing more times, write 5-10-15 posts one after another nothing will change,you are and obviously will be a joke. but thanks drinkin my mornin coffe reading your bullsh1ts made my day see ya ingame? or will you play hide and seek farming epics for pixels and avoidin pvp? i wonder
  8. RevolutionCrew inc.

    Cant edit so i am doubleposting none left cause of this AQ your information is bad btw. But here we will be to rape you again sto no worries even if we play 2 days on the srv you will be sneakin like a rat you are to get the pixel and avoid the pvp
  9. RevolutionCrew inc.

    you guys prove what i am sayin. first of all you care for a PIXEL to fill your incapability of playin l2 interlude after 10-15 years. second you speak for where a bunch of midrate players joined and we were the only ones who dared to fight them cause this l2gold cominity can only pvp VS rof or something like this. and last but no least we were pvping 2 sides 9v9 pt's and you farmed AQ with your side LMAO. OK gj you got the pixel say it more times to be fell better KAPPA
  10. RevolutionCrew inc.

    posting fraps prove what exactly? i can post fraps too and we can cyber fight who has the bigger dick? the result is one and everytime is the same. when RV join a gold server, we will win 70% of epics fights etc etc... with less/same/more numbers the result will be the same. and after all i think when people like you keep posting on our threads it means we do something right on this game
  11. RevolutionCrew inc.

    i guess by insulting someone's english makes you fell better so ok. anyway you were and will never be serius competition so no point in givin you more credit than you deserve see ya ingame
  12. RevolutionCrew inc.

    tell yourself that more times... eventually you will believe it yourself
  13. RevolutionCrew inc.

    Ok a lot of funboys detcted but will there be some real competition?