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  1. OwnageTeam

    up Currently looking for a CP to join our side. Gears doesn't matter / globally(Eng.). Hit me up in this forum.
  2. OwnageTeam

    Bump Is this section still alive? Currently LF fun.
  3. OwnageTeam

    Invitation done. Thanks for your interest/dms.
  4. OwnageTeam

    Bump We are looking for an active cat buffer. We rarely recruit, so, it will be very strict invitation. hit me in this forum.
  5. OwnageTeam

    Bump Bring your sides back in this server. Winter season is here, hf.
  6. ViciousLegends

    cu in few weeks my friends
  7. OwnageTeam

    Bump OT's going to prepare for the "big" return. August is close. Bring your groups so we cat get more reputation. Have fun and keep drinking water! Cheers
  8. OwnageTeam

    @reetveter attention to your language please.
  9. OwnageTeam

    Bump LF experienced Photoshop user. Contact me on private message in this forum.
  10. AngelTears

  11. Hero weapons/skills

    come from our back on AQ fight for example, like a pro, thinking that you will backstab us during the fight isnt the best solution. Try to cooperate with alliance and stop spamming on forum dude.
  12. Hero weapons/skills

    You are so mad cause you die, if you think that we just run like immortals, keep playing like that. GH will be your 2nd home.
  13. Hero weapons/skills

    +1 1)Maybe fear/silence need more nerf, i aggre to be nerfed also. 2)MareCare plays like its still 2008, need to cooperate with your alliance and your assisting. #)BTW, dont spam on forum w/o reason, Removing hero skills/adding DYES is the worst idea ever,non logic. Chat less play more and better, dont make us quit due to no competition, thanks.
  14. Hero weapons/skills

    You guys better focus on gameplay, position on fights, rather crying on forum about 4k dmg. You have a point about hero skills, i vote to be nerfed, but NO, you die cause of gears and tactics, nothing else. You will get epics when quarantine stops. wp