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  1. OwnageTeam

    Back to f**k KAPPA
  2. OwnageTeam

    OwnageTeam currently looking for enemies. Please start the drama.
  3. files are corrupted

    Delete system, run updater.
  4. L2gold.in Chronicle

    Valid point. Interlude. Period.
  5. L2gold.in Chronicle

    c6 period.
  6. Olympiad vs Rebirths

    You just talk for nothing. You don't care if changes will apply so please stop wasting our time.
  7. Olympiad vs Rebirths

    You and guys like you are the reason that server has cancer right now. Just leave this forum before you embarass your self more.
  8. Olympiad vs Rebirths

    Me either. But as i see @LIVE® is in a big denial and idk why is that... We just wanna play a better game.
  9. Olympiad vs Rebirths

    Most of the guys did exactly what you just did. But I'm sure we can fix it as I'm discussing with Live we will arrange a meeting on Discord again.
  10. augmented

    First of all, augmentation doesn't exist in such pack. Also that video you posted has nothing to do with augmented weapons, they are Ancient L2G weaps.
  11. Olympiad vs Rebirths

    The thing with olympiad is that it cannot be balanced. Same reason we don't see covers-pony- cat-tanks etc. on solo pvp outside. Want a quick solution? Restore everything from the old scripts (oly before 1-2 months) and enable class v. class.
  12. OwnageTeam

    That was hillarious.
  13. Olympiad vs Rebirths

    There's no way that you can establish 50/50 chance in c4 or c6 olympiad. There's a reason ncsoft upgraded the clients. New skills and new classes were added to the future clients so the gameplay itself can be more balanced. Doesn't matter what we will discuss here, the c4-c6 olympiad was meant to be like this in such clients. Correct me if i'm wrong.
  14. Warlord Stuns on Siege ( Throne Rooms)

    Just reduce the chance of "remove target". Don't make them extremely useless for siege.
  15. First of all, since it's Greek Community board, you should be free to write in greek. I will keep writing in English so everyone can understand if anyone has the same problem as you. Go to your Lineage 2 folder, then press right click on L2 Updater and Run as Administrator. Make sure you press "yes" to the pop-up message that windows will show you. Tell me if that solves your problem.