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  1. OwnageTeam

    Recrutation is open again! Shot00084.bmp And inside... Cream della cream
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  3. OwnageTeam

    Str0ng has his own emergency method if his Glow is not Glowing enough. He feels truly glowing (+GLITTERING) while he logs at least 3 (sometimes more) James characters and moves them one after one, always in a main town. Somehow he found a key to James Butt and felt like a great keyholder. As a Glow (+GLITTER) gives him a lot to importance he tries to subjugate and dominate his non-worshipers. Usually he sets one of James char to move through main town sending flow from and in the meanwhile he switch next window of course with another James char and he starts all again and again. Ahhh, one more thing. He gains also the effect of SHINE after kicking random member from clan. Basically Photoshop edit won't cure his Glowing Syndrome but for shure it can help him feel better. Btw someone should tell James to change locks until it will be too late. P.S. Str0ngie. Command me to give back apella set given by Live. I will extinguish your Glow as I did one year ago. With my full pleasure Babe :*