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  1. RevolutionCrew inc.

    L2 Gold mentality vs L2 Official Mentality https://gyazo.com/47c14d7d1e9349bb57bbd1f60f528284 Once randoms 4 ever Randoms
  2. RevolutionCrew inc.

    Not really begged, on that server i had ally with born and he kick us because we dont take hisnmembers on raids... we just wanted born zerg not to take aden castle ;)also i never been a clan leader or an ally leader because no time to organize stuffs and not gonna be one
  3. RevolutionCrew inc.

    Most of you guys were 0 i.g and nearly 2k20 and nothing change. The pro players you was and thr gear you had was just because 0 life and ur life was playing l2 for 20h / day... Also near 25 and still living with parents thats pahthetic, dont you think? You guys talk about me ruining servers but the fact is the only server i actually ruin was this one last time the other ones been ruined by you pro players... should i remember how many times you rage quit from servers?🤣
  4. RevolutionCrew inc.

    i didn't play on the last 2 years l2 gold server. sp probably someone is telling you bullshits or you buddy are my #1 fan witch one is the option? ALso stelephant stop get mad bro, I know is frustrating to live with ur grandmother but who cares? you are l2gold king or atleast that's how you call urself )) Btw, you became a pro player on L2gold Oldschool when most of you got a lot of items for free from captain ... also incase you didn't see i just join 1 time / week write something and than come back 1 week later to see if you already quit or not but is phatetic to get raped by OASIS isn't it? The kings blow in from of Traxanoulis the worst leader I ever see ))
  5. RevolutionCrew inc.

    you looks so funny for me guys, for real If im gonna show you some paypal transactions you gonna jump from window, but who cares? you work for 500e/25 days per month 10 hours daily and im booting 24/7 31/31 and get the same money as you monkeys so whats the problem of playing a game for $ ? Also on Original gold I had more than dynasty but it dosnt matter, because you were quiters same as you are right now nothing changed... just the people mentality and tbh I prefer to make some $ from that game instead of changing servers weekly or monthly like you guys do Btw, some guys open server to get $, I play official servers to get $, you play l2gold servers to get AQ by pve and to spam global chat. as I said before, you are killing comedy ! @Stefa @Jhin
  6. RevolutionCrew inc.

    @Stefa I don't need to beg in Romanian streets like you do in Serbia also I know is frustrating some people (with no college) know how to enjoy the game and to make some $ from it but you are too stupid doing that you prefer to waste ur time on every trash server (Not talking about this one because we don't know nothing about it) instead of spending time somewhere you can earn some money too Also I realize you got a sad life living with ur mother at 25-30 years old, but don't worry Stelephant maybe one day you will be able to rent a flat to move from ur mother house I ALSO REALIZE you work 1 month to earn 500e but dont worry man, you are L2Gold Legend !!! THE ONLY KING !!! Ejnjoy ur throne, Meanwhile im chilling with friends and laught about how stupid you are
  7. RevolutionCrew inc.

    Whats the point of getting 100 aq for example if you dont pvp at all? Servers not survive for long time you cant sell them. Than tell me whats the point?
  8. RevolutionCrew inc.

    Man you live back in 2008 now? Who the fck care about an epic if you got pvp? Trust me, im playing for 1year on official we have no pvps because we destroy the competition on January, since then the only pvp we have is at oly and sieges we take all the epics top bosses etc,and no satisfaction, the only satisfaction you got is on the end of month when you check ur bank statment and you see +500-700euro selling adenas items etc. People now days dont spend time on gold servers to take epic jwels or gold weaps they play for the pvp, anyways servers survive max 1 month so that epics cant make the difference so hard So stop talk about pixels is all about pvp and a group "of top players l2 gold kings whatever they call them selfs" going on epics and instead of pvping they just enjoy the pve thats a SHAME... you cant call ur self a "factor , goldking , legend or whatever" going for epics and pveing them If you want pve i suggest you go for official servers do pve get items sell them get money and thats it alteast at the end of day you gonnna be happy earning $. Dont you think?
  9. RevolutionCrew inc.

    @Stefa and the rest retards, you guys are killing comedy since 2012 but that much drama i never see on any l2forum. Are you guys the same ones who blow Siqma dick onl2- gold.com ? The guys who were crying o siqma ban me originality and fortune because we were pking you on hight rate events and were not able to lvlup ? Yooo are you the same guys who always play mages and blow once again siqma to make elemental resist buffs 2m just to "own" the server? Are you the same guys who quit avellan 3 times because RV rape you all on epics? Just to remember you were playing under MoJJo lead. Are you @Stefa the same guys who blow siqma to chat ban us because we were spamin <3 alexandra dragoslavic? Stop killing the comedy please! @zaracrow Paressa putana mbastarde <3