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  1. dynasty Armor

    I hope my words are understood because I use the Google translator I have a suggestion regarding dynasty armor . There will be points with mats and mantra farm . Why not work after the Olympics arena 2v2 or 3v3 The winning team gets points Be with mantra and votecoin for get dynasty armor . Do not make it easy . 50 min arena after olmpiad 2v2 or 3v3 Choose the path that works for you . Everyone will be encouraged and there will be enthusiasm . Oly 7:00 and arena 8:00 . All take armor S in this arena not use apella and l2 gold wapen and jews boss only S armor . Make S the value because it has no value in this server . It would be a great idea because many people are bored and find pleasure only in oly and pvp siage and epic . And in this arena all have full buff in start fight . And class have per used buff we need balance in this new arena . I hope the idea will be taken seriously. It will be a great idea that everyone will love. The S armor and weapon will have a value like Gear Olympiad