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  1. Giant Cave retun to place it

  2. Giant Cave retun to place it

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  3. Giant Cave retun to place it

    Several of the clan asked ourselves the same thing last night. I don't know if they already did. Giant Cave plan to re-enable it? It is impossible to farm in elven fortess giant, since we are many users and the area is small and there are also many pvp parts where to farm them. or they plan to re-enable it after the dinasty event. being this event competition may also be influencing. Or they also plan to enable it after the event and leave both areas ... I think it is ideal to leave both. since many people are playing and in giant cave it was much wider I think the giants, I am just giving my point since several are going to do the same. I expect opinions from everyone
  4. Lol!...Conexión al server

    Otra vez Lo mismo Problemas??? 8:02pm Hora Uruguay
  5. Lol!...Conexión al server

    vos sabes que a mi todo el dia me ha pasado lo mismo y ni jugar eh podido