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  1. augmented

    Oh no, I do not want those. But I want some augmentation.
  2. L2gold.in Chronicle

    I disagree. Not everyone plays olympiad. So from outside, it may seem that GM is doing nothing, just playing around with a certain little group of people, and the rest majority seems left behind. I understand that it olympiad is important, but you have to put it into perspective. The majority do not play it at all. So if GM is making changes, they should be as efficient as possible, so most people can benefit. Personally, I would love to play on an Interlude server.
  3. server down?

    And there won't be... Too bad you can not see server status in homepage, would make checking if server is online or down even easier.
  4. Hero weapons/skills

    I do not understand why blow keeps mentioning how it worked in old Gold. This is not the old Gold and never will be. We must look at the situation now and go from here not look how overpowered skills were on other servers.
  5. Hero weapons/skills

    Truth is, gameplay and position and strategy is thrown out of the windows if you play as a party with assisting, that means 3k, 4k, 2k damage in 1 second. That is 8k damage. You can not survive that no matter how good you are.
  6. Add DYES?

    I am not subclass yet. But I do not see making more than one scheme. For example, farming scheme and pvp scheme. Could you explain how this works for subclass characters, please?
  7. Add DYES?

    I agree. Lineage 2 is an awesome game and it has a lot to offer, unfortunately on servers such as L2 Gold lots of great features are turned off. For example, it is so great the Subclasses are added to the server, but, imo, they should have been made bit easier to get. Isn't it fun to see different race playing different class? While I'm here - there should be option to SAVE Buff schemes, so you do not lose them when you switch subcless. I agree about DYES. Everyone is the same, but that should not be the case. Playing styles are different for each player. so it would make sense to differentiate it's stats. That is why races such as Human, Elf, Dark Elf exist. They are basically the same, but each race has its own strengths.