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  1. Olympiad vs Rebirths

    It's true. I don't care until its class vs class. Anything else I want to fail rather sooner and harder than ever before.
  2. Olympiad vs Rebirths

    Me? All I wanted to even give this s***show a chance was make it class vs class so you can drop these stupid balance changes once and for all. But guess what? it's you and your bunch that instantly shut it all down and now you re here! Thanks for delicious tears instead at least.
  3. Olympiad vs Rebirths

    rofl ;D I bet you are same tards who voted against and convinced live to not make it class based. As long as you take heroes, all the broken s**t is fine, now every tard takes it away from you and it's a disaster! reading hero cries has become one of the most entertaining things in the game right now.
  4. augmented

    yea of course, auguments r one of coolest features of l2. But I feel like there is about 0 chance they would ever attempt to event implement it here.
  5. Class vs Class oly

    Nah, I am sure u can feed urself to moon, whatever it takes to avoid fair play, but with +3 and class vs class everyone would have better chance and more ppl would participate. Where is the downside? You can't have ur gear advantage? Q_Q thats always what u have been about. Yeah, stun in pray room is bullshit, everyone knows it. You could leave it as it is, but let it not interrupt cresting. But thats another topic and sieges are deada, don't want to talk about it. Yeah people use cancel bots, as opposed to your zerg of warlords, broken hero skill spam etc. so? Before they fixed pof debuffs, you were using pof bots to debuff ppl at baium also. but canceling is a big no no because you didnt come up with it first :DDD
  6. Class vs Class oly

    Same 2-3ppl here jerking each other off cuz their heroes are threatened if it becomes class based. Just read this shit, they KNOW they are not even skilled, they already think of ways to FEEd in class vs class And whats wrong about new player coming and taking a hero? they still have to get noblesse. We would have more ppl playing it and it would be more dynamic and fun around. All of you are boring feeders that don't know any other way to play lineage2, I bet you haven't even touched any other l2 version, you're simply bad that way. The way it is now, the best hawkeye in the whole world will never ever become a hero, because he plays vs whole alliances and his gear/skill doesn't matter one bit! You think thats how oly is supposed to be? Same goes for every other class, except maybe those few that are "balanced" to be OP one of the week.
  7. Class vs Class oly

    YES! Only way u can stop crying about "balance' you will never achieve. Like tho are the guys that are saying no? they are the ones in biggest alliances who have everyone feeding them already. Fact that they are scared of Class vs Class already is saying something. Go for it, it can only be better!
  8. OwnageTeam

    Or maybe you need someone to fake government announcement that quarantine is over and you can go back to living gr33k life? Tell us stronk, so we can help you
  9. Warlord Stuns on Siege ( Throne Rooms)

    eh, dunno if this is even a fair vote. on this forum its just me and ot, and only literal OT zerg could vote for letting warlords interrupt all the crest with one skill in one second. whatever, u enjoy sitting on ur asses for two hours come next siege.
  10. Warlord Stuns on Siege ( Throne Rooms)

    I agree, that you shouldn't make them useless. I don't want to see only archer or mage in mass pvp. BUT how it works now is completely ridiculous, it's not even worth participating in siege if they can just spam warlords in crest room and squeezing one through on 5th try is enough to stop everything. They are still good at gates, they could be even used in throne room, but in crest room absolutely not.
  11. Olympiad vs Rebirths

    You should focus on making oly available to all in general..
  12. Looking for eng speaking clan

    ;DD whats your clan, buddy?
  13. Hero weapons/skills

    So what? Its like me bragging about cleaning ER rooms from some A grader that started a game yesterday. I would be fucking embarrassed if I were you. Also whats your IG name?
  14. Hero weapons/skills

    "ILLUSION" haha It is a stone cold fact. Take your fucking pills, you schizophrenics, you have everything backwards, you cant twist and bend reality at your will. Also im curious, what are your IG names? bot? lincoln??
  15. Hero weapons/skills

    Why would they? They won a fair matchup, proved you guys are nothing without abusing broken skills and they had nothing else to prove. Letting you guys seethe and keep deluding yourself with excuses was the best thing to do.