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  1. RevolutionCrew inc.

    Well mate, i speak in general not only for you and me, look around on all forums since 2013, ppl growup in age, but not to improve the old "trashtalk" that is getting worse day by day. P.S i considering all ppl that i played with or against since 2006 friends, except for thouse who insult my family and cancer and other 0 brain spamming. Have a good day all
  2. RevolutionCrew inc.

    15 years ago i would consider this really entertainment, but now i see only a cople of grown wannabe man that just become brain damage over all thouse years, get over urselfs with this trash talking, you are not a 12 years old anymore, i don't rlly get the point how can some ppl late over 25-30 still can trashtalk just to pass the day, get a job, and enjoy the game P.S L2 era is kinda over, i see nowday's forum more active then the server itself