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  1. Class vs Class oly

    good luck to the guy that started 3 days ago playing against weapons+20 and 20 bots for feed on each class
  2. Class vs Class oly

    So more like who has most noblesse chars wins hero
  3. Warlord Stuns on Siege ( Throne Rooms)

    I'm pretty sure the problem is just the numbers. Next siege try putting 3 warlords on each of the 2 entrances to pray room. If that doesn't work try 4 or 5 and u will for sure block everyone from getting in as long as u stay alive. In old times nobody said anything about warlord target cancel or tk/sk stun 100% interrupting cast, because there were enough numbers to block the entrances. Keep in mind that im not biased towards ot or any clan, i say this from a neutral perspective.
  4. Olympiad vs Rebirths

    No rebirths is a good start. Now need to work on some skill reuse time on some classes cough cough tyrant cough cough ogre
  5. Hero weapons/skills

    Do any of you guys played l2gold where 1 BD with hero berzeker could kill 1 full party in 30 seconds ? Yes the c6 hero skills should be nerfed/removed, but don't think that hero skills are op compared to the original server we all played in, here Hero berzeker is just a 2 min +5 speed buff, valor gives ~200 patk, trust me the 4k damage doesn't come from hero skills, just from epics and weapons +16. I vote for valor to get nerfed only if berzeker gets buffed to at least half the power of original gold and make it 30 seconds not 2 minutes
  6. Add DYES?

    Each subclass has it's own scheme