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  1. Event 5 vs 5

    Hi all, This time we had 4 teams in our event, and you can see them below alongside with total amount of victories during the event TEAM NO.1 TEAM NO.2 TEAM NO.3 TEAM NO.4 MEMBER 1 Silence Andress xAtari runningAway MEMBER 2 SeptemberJones Blaxton Picusaaa Mercilessly MEMBER 3 iPofOfThePibes TheTirri Shuisui Espadachin MEMBER 4 Teemo Enz0 ZADDEF Mipof MEMBER 5 xMJ23 ReneFalopa equeka pegazZo TOTAL WON FIGHTS 2 1 0 3 And below is how the fights went: FIGHT BETWEEN WINNING TEAM Team 1 vs Team 2 Team 1 Team 1 vs Team 3 Team 1 Team 1 vs Team 4 Team 4 Team 2 vs Team 3 Team 2 Team 2 vs Team 4 Team 4 Team 3 vs Team 4 Team 4 Thanks to everyone taking part in the event!
  2. Hi all, Server will go down tomorrow (20.05.2021) in night hours, and will be back up on Friday 21.05.2021@ 19:00 +2GMT Changelog will follow shortly after server goes up
  3. Event 5 vs 5

    Hi all! We are on track with another PvP event, but with some spicy changes! Live Event 5 Vs 5 fights will take place on 24.05.2021 @ 22:00+2 GMT There will be a change as this event will be A and S Grade gear only event rather than grade A only, but without epic or custom jewels, weapons or armours. This means players can use A Grade Armor or S grade Armours with refining at 55% like Draconic/Imperial/Majesty and enchanted to +3 at a maximum, same applies to weapons, you can use both A and S grade weapons with Special Ability enchanted to +3 at a maximum There are some limitations to the S grade gear as below: Dynasty/Apella armours are NOT ALLOWED L2Gold or Ancient L2Gold shields are NOT ALLOWED L2Gold or Ancient L2Gold weapons are NOT ALLOWED Epic or Custom Jewels are NOT ALLOWED (for example Baium, Ant Queen, Valakas, Falston, Kandra and so on) THESE ITEMS ARE ALSO NOT ALLOWED TO BE USED DURING FIGHTS: Greater healing potions, CP potions, Hat's from vote & Special mask with increased stats (for example wings, mask of Zeus etc) Resurrection and awaking scrolls, or any other items giving you any form of advantage to other team, however Empower/Wind Walk/ Haste potions are allowed. Fights are going to take place in every team vs every team system, and team with highest amount of victories will be rewarded respectively. Table with fights and results will be posted after event. The table will also include member details about each and every team Not allowed items must be left in your Warehouse, you cannot have them in your inventory – we urge everyone to follow that rule as everyone who has any of not allowed items will only cause delays in the whole event as we will be checking your inventories. No jokes with this one, as it takes up a LOT of time to check over every single inventory, lets respect each other. We would appreciate help of each of team leaders with this, to ensure all of your players are ready to fight rather than spending more time waiting for everyone to be checked. Each party can have 2 characters from the same class, but that does not apply to following classes : Cardinal , Hierophant , Eva’s Saint or Shillien Saint, these classes we classify healer classes and each team can have only one of them So a quick explanation how one team can look like: (example: Tyrant, Tyrant, Spellsinger, Doom Cryer, Hawkeye) To make the fights fair Hero skills are strictly not allowed. We will be asking to be invited to parties to ensure this rule is followed. If any of members of the team will decide to break this rule, that means in instant dismissal from event for the whole team. <- Please read all of above rules TWICE to ensure it has been understood and rules will be FOLLOWED as not complying with these may result in delays and worse case scenario removing you from the whole happening. If any of these are not clear please contact us IMMEDIATELY, not 5 minutes before or during the event. Anyone who is watching the event must follow some basic rules as well, with main rule being polite to each other and do not swear at each other, any abuse will not be tolerated (in any languages) Majority of us is going there to enjoy the game, please respect this and be good to each other. Secondly, you must not try to interrupt the fights. Any attempts to do so will be punished with account suspension for 2 days. Reports to any event interruptions must be sent via Facebook Fan Page with screenshot to prove it, so that we can action accordingly. Reward list: 1st. Place REWARD PER PLAYER: 2X STONE MAGE OR FIGHTER 4x S-Lucky Boxs 6x Gift Red Boxes 800 Event-Medals Full Recommend nick name player Reward for the leader team: 7x Raid Bombs / Special L2Gold Box 2nd. Place REWARD PER PLAYER: 1X STONE MAGE OR FIGHTER 3x S-Lucky Boxs 4x Gift Red Boxes 700 Event-Medals Full Recommend nick name player Reward for the leader team - 5 Raid Bombs 3rd. Place REWARD PER PLAYER: 1X STONE MAGE OR FIGHTER 2x S-Lucky Boxs 3x Gift Blue Boxes 500 Event-Medals Full Recommend nick name player Reward for the leader team - 3 Raid Bombs
  4. Update Antibot & Possibility of connection

    Server will be up and running today ( 22.04.2021) @ 18:00 +2 GMT after we have performed necessary updates related to the Client and anti bot update.
  5. Hi all, Server will go down tomorrow (15.04.2021) in evening hours in order to perform update We will keep you posted in the time that server will go back up and the change log will follow shortly after this. All the best!
  6. Share & Win event!

    Share and win event has been extended by another 4 days, grab your chance now!
  7. Hosting maintenence

    Hi Guys, We just have received below message from our hosting provider about their maintenance. This should be relatively quick one according to their message, yet we apologise for any inconvenience. ''Dear, Customers. We'll be performing a network core maintenance, between 2021-03-30 ~ 2021-03-31, the maintenance window will begin at 22:00 CET 2021-03-30 and will be finished by 04:00 CET 2021-03-31. Please show this announcement for your users and customers to keep them aware about this procedure. During this time, it is expected : Unavailability of services, lag, delay or packet losses. We're performing this change, in order to further expand our network capacity (the bandwidth demand is constantly growing/increasing, requiring us to make further improvements). Sincerely,''
  8. Update 4.03.2021

    Hi all, Server will go down in order to perform updates, we will be informing you about the time when it's back up
  9. EVENT 7 VS 7 - 23rd February

    Hi everyone! Please see below results from today's event We had 7 teams fighting this evening, and the teams were as follows: TEAM 1 TEAM 2 TEAM 3 TEAM 4 TEAM 5 TEAM 6 TEAM 7 Member 1 ANKARA xMareCare Swsths xLee AOZ Dongg ARKOUDAKI Member 2 Virtue Prozet Cybella song4us Zeyrox Ding A Member 3 Meldor Buzzed CarlitO HighOnBush prezotakena Alien JameZz Member 4 IDaytona Azael Alysa HaTeDSkillS KingAvatar Maroko Protect Member 5 Lupin Quaresma Xypher 77777 songerak0s SirReet Prince Member 6 FeelMyWateR PALLHNH Albido iiiiiiiiiIiiIiiI SuziPuTaTsuzei Covfefe Pit Member 7 RuA DaggerMaster DarkStyle DeathWhisper AloneInDarkness Healer Alexou Fights won: 2 0 2 4 5 6 3 We had every team fighting every team, and this is how fights were going along: FIGHT WINNING TEAM How did the fight go? Team 1 vs Team 2 1 Normal fight Team 1 vs Team 3 3 Normal fight Team 1 vs Team 4 4 Normal fight Team 1 vs Team 5 5 Normal fight Team 1 vs Team 6 6 Normal fight Team 1 vs Team 7 7 Normal fight Team 2 vs Team 3 3 Team 2 gave up fight Team 2 vs Team 4 4 Team 2 gave up fight Team 2 vs Team 5 5 Team 2 gave up fight Team 2 vs Team 6 6 Normal fight Team 2 vs Team 7 7 Team 2 gave up fight Team 3 vs Team 4 4 Team 3 Gave up fight Team 3 vs Team 5 5 Normal fight Team 3 vs Team 6 6 Normal fight Team 3 vs Team 7 7 Normal fight Team 4 vs Team 5 5 Normal fight Team 4 vs Team 6 6 Normal fight Team 4 vs Team 7 4 Normal fight Team 5 vs Team 6 6 Normal fight Team 5 vs Team 7 5 Normal fight Team 6 vs Team 7 6 Normal fight Thanks to everyone taking part in the event as well as spectators, hope you have have all enjoyed today's fights! Next event and date will be announced in near future! Apologies for any typo's with nicknames, if any of them are incorrect please let us know
  10. Server Downtime - 31.12.2020

    Hello, Server will go down tomorrow morning (31.12.2020) to perform update. We will be keeping you posted on what time the server will go up and full change log will be available shortly after server is up
  11. help me

    See below a video done by us how to fix the issue if Nvidia geforce experience is installed on your machine. https://l2gold.in/forum/index.php?/topic/23702-game-window-instantly-closing/ Drivers also play part in it so do not exclude them from the occasion even though the game uses on board GPU and CPU having newest drivers installed is always recomendded. Hope above video helps.
  12. Dynasty Armour - Cash event!

    THE EVENT STARTS TODAY (30.10.2020) @ 20:00 +2GMT RIGHT AFTER NEWEST UPDATE TAKING PLACE It is very simple event - first player who gets whole set of new armour 55% will win the main prize. If you wish to take part in the event you must take a screenshot with your character visible on it with it's nick name, your inventory must be showing complete set of armour and there must be date stamp on the screen shot as well. Once you have these you must post the screen shot in our Media Section by creating new topic with title as follows : ''New Armour - your nick name'' ( To make it very clear - the winner will be the very first player to have a full set of Dynasty Armour refined to 55%, and you must provide proof to it with time and date as mentioned above. Reward list will be as follow: 1st place - 150 euro in cash 2nd place - 100 euro in cash 3rd place - L2Gold weapon of choice enchanted to +12 Sample how new topic should look like: And then the post should be in a format as follows: Nick in game: xxx Screen shoot:xxx Country:xxx This is how a correct post would look like: VERY IMPORTANT - at the end of the post you need to tell us what country you are playing from We ask for this due to time zones differences between players. Posts missing any of above details will not be taken into consideration. Below screenshot shows crucial things which are marked in RED. These must be readable, visible and present on the screen shot. Screenshots not containing these details will not be taken into consideration so please check these carefully. There is date and time in the right bottom corner, whole set of armour is visible in the inventory, Nickname is visible in two places. We hope you will join this fantastic competition and have loads of fun, and rewards are worth a while! All the best, and may the quickest win! L2Gold.in team
  13. Hi Everyone, Server will go down tomorrow (30.10.2020) in morning hours. You will receive in game notification to find safe place as the game will switch off. The server will be going back up @ 20:00 +2GMT and the change log will be added few hours prior to that. Together with new update we are also kicking off with New Armour cash event so make sure you are ready for that taking place!
  14. Baium Detained

    Hi everyone, Epic Boss Baium will be available to kill this wednesday ( 14.10.2020) @ 00:00+2GMT. For now entrance as well as the raidboss itself are blocked. The aim of this is to give more people chance to stand and fight for it!
  15. Website maintenance

    Hi everyone! You may be experiencing some connection issues with our forum as our website is currently under maintenance. Apologies for any incontinence caused.