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  1. Event Safe exchange!

    Event for 7 days longer!! final close date 21January
  2. Event Safe exchange!

    Safe exchange event will start on 3rd of January and will last 12 days, finish date will be 14th January @ 00:00+2 GMT This event will be a chance for all of the players to exchange their redundant weapons with low level of enchant for special materials which can then be exchanged for enchanted weapons. More info can about this event and how it works can be found here Event Instruction There is few days for you to get ready for the event, stock up on weapons that you may want to exchange and don't miss out. If you do have any questions regarding this event please get in touch with, we are here to help and answer all of these.
  3. Merry Christmas!

    Christmas is just few steps away from us and on that occasion we have X-mass reward for you! 🎄🎅🎁🎁 on 24th and 25th December you should be active at 22:00 + 2GMT. Warm wishes from L2Gold Team
  4. Santa Claus Mom Event!

    Mass reward is expected after the Olympics 21:00 +2 GMT! Be active!
  5. Santa Claus Mom Event!

    Hi everyone! We have revived date of of our moms event after receiving a lot of feedback and messages from all the players and the event will be now moved to 5th December! This event will be combined with Santa Claus event and the rewards will be double!
  6. 2nd Year Anniversary L2Gold!

    The lottery will take place today!
  7. Event tournament

  8. Downtime - 27.11.2021

    Server up! Added new options for safe exchange in Exchange I option the last exchange that will be possible from November 29, 2021 - December 6, 2021!
  9. Downtime - 27.11.2021

    Hello! Today is Saturday so we will hurry up and open the server early 16:00 + 2GMT at the request of the players! We hope you rested during this time, wish you a nice day!
  10. Downtime - 27.11.2021

    The work will be extended, so we decided that the server will be online today from 17:00 + 2GMT
  11. Downtime - 27.11.2021

    Work on the server is in progress. The server is down
  12. Downtime - 27.11.2021

    Hi folks! the server will be down for several hours to update tournament and introduce a new penalty system!
  13. Event tournament

    Event Tournament will be available in following team ( party ) sizes 2 vs 2 6 vs 6 9 vs 9 In it's early days we will be having closer eye on it to ensure it works as it should, your feedback is more than welcome. Later on there will also be a ranking system on this event In order to take part in the event you will require Extra Pass: Tournament L2Gold item, each of these will cost you 10 Vote Coin(s) and will allow you to purchase one ''Life'' in event which means taking part in one fight. These can be purchased at Event Shop Dianne Once you and your party have Extra Passes in your inventory you can join the event which takes place as per below Monday @00:00 - 00:30 +2GMT Wednesday @00:00 - 00:30 +2GMT Saturday @00:00 - 00:30 +2GMT At Korgen NPC see below image. At first you must convert your Extra passes into life's using ''use ticket'' button , that applies to whole party not just the leader. Maximum amount of life's per player to have at once is 3. If you win the battle you DO NOT LOSE THE LIFE. You only lose it if you lost the battle Event has got some limitation with regards to classes : limited class Healers up to 1 max included class (Hierophant, Cardinal, Eva's Saint, Shillien Saint) limited class Dreadnought up to 1 max limited class Dagger up to 1 max limited class Dominator up to 1 max Healer is only allowed from the 6 vs 6 battle fight After the match, your skills will automatically regenerate! After winning a fight, you get a reward corresponding to the number of fights won! Hwid check system Once you have your life's converted, your team does not break the class limitation criteria, and are ready to take part in fights you can register into the event by selecting the event option according to your party size (2vs2, 4vs4, 9vs9). Registration can beONLY performed by party leader. If you have registered to your desired match and you can see below message, it means that registration was SUCCESFULL and you must now wait for your opponent and beginning of the match. There are also few other messages which you may or may not receive, but they are all very important for you to look at! - that means one of your party members does not have enough life's to participate in fights. He must head over to the Event Shop Diane to purchase passes and then convert them into Life's -that means the maximum amount of each class per team has been exceeded, and layout of your team must be adjusted to meet criteria. - this means that one or more of party members did not perform their 3rd job change, in order to move forward they must do so and then return. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help and advise. Contact
  14. Top Killer – Cash Event

    1st. - Xypher 2nd. - iReal 3rd. - FrostYuan