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  4. God Bless You Bro Leyenda

    From the bottom of my heart, may God reward you for everything you do in life, in the face of any attitude towards another human being. Rest in peace, it's just a game. Enjoy the moment and enjoy as a gift from your friend ReiLux the SOV+17 and AQ+7 God Bless!
  5. Update Client 29/06/2022

    DOWNLOAD FULL PATCH & L2UPDATER If you have clean client game Lineage 2 Interlude, then download our patch (v.84), and install it in the folder with the game. Do not forget to delete the System folder for an error-free update. All patches ready to work on Windows 10 Patch Mirror#1 Patch Mirror#2 L2Updater
  6. Hi All, We have been receiving some messages from people who are concerned about some ''virus'' notification as well as some so called ''developers'' sharing their point of views and putting more threat to people. As it stands our files are absolutely clean and safe, they always come from only one source and are being worked on by one and the same developer for years now. The message you might be getting is relating to a protection file which is here to help rather than harm, but for whatever reason windows defender detects it as a threat which in fact it is not.It is the very same thing we had from day one, and sometimes it is being picked up as threat. We also received notification of additional processes existing which were not, and the only one which again relates to a protection services from us is this one - ''aaerrport.exe'' any other extra tasks you may get are not from us and i'd reccomend doing a bit of reading on these prior to starting to panic. If anyone has got any further concerns regarding this, please do get in touch and once again do not listen to 3rd party people calling themselves ''developers'' claiming we are putting you at risk or share fake and incorrect details, you are in safe and capable hands which are taking care for you for over 2 years now
  7. Changelog 31/03/2022

  8. Server downtime 30.03.2022

    Server up!!
  9. Changelog 31/03/2022

    - Event Tournament time has been changed - from now on these will take place @ 23:00 +3GMT (event lasts 5 minutes) - Event Tournament reward has been boosted, from now you can buy award boxes for Event - Medal(s) tournament which drop random items - Added new Reward Box which contains random items as well as Book of Giants +13 as a top item (you can buy box for Event - Medal(s) Torunament earned in Tournament Event) - Added mini boss Dolly Chucky to elven Fortress, it will spawn in random empty room (they can drop L2Gold weapons) - Boosted drop to Giant Stone, from now on it can drop from +300 - +600 more and blessed enchants drop rate has been boosted too - Elven Fortress is now one of daily farming zone! - Removed aggression from monsters in Elven Fortress - A new moster with more drop has been added that has a designated auto flag range as below in the picture! (this monster spawns randomly in rooms in Elven Fortress or Devil Isle!) -You can now refine Dynasty Armour up to 100%! - Once you get your Dynasty Armour Set to 100% you can exchange it for Ancient Apella Armor 100% - Added new emoji in game! - Castle system has been changed, from now on you will keep the castle for 2 weeks! - Added Giran Castle siege! - Boosted rewards from Special Box Siege! - Added Mini Boss to A grade Event which takes place @ 19:00 +3GMT - Every friday at 00:00 +3GMT Giant Stone will spawn in Elven Fortress at this location! - Server has new gen internet connection which should improve stability - Added new Adena Rune bonus 250% and 300% - Added new Raid Boss ''Dragon Behemoth'' which will spawn every friday @ 22:00 +3GMT in Elven Fortress this boss can drop only top weapons! - You can get book of giants +12 from automatic events team vs team (from boxes) - Added gold bar system, from now on you can use command ''.goldbar'' to check your goldbar status, to buy one ''.goldbar buy'' or to sell ''.goldbar sell'' - All monsters in Elven Fortress can drop 3 days 50% Adena rune ! - Antibot update and new security update - Boosted Epic Raid Boss and Raid Boss drop - Boosted drop from all Giants -Added new giant with double drop which will only spawn in Elven Fortress '' Ancient Cave Giant '' - Added Aena Rune 250% as a reward for 3rd place in vote ranking and updated rewards for rest ranks Vote Page - Crown Bosses can be now found in Elven Fortress, their status won't be shown on the website! - Added new wings - ''Heroic Wings'' which can only be obtained from Epic Bosses like Zaken, Orfen, Core and Dragon Behemoth - Added top S Grade weapons with special ability weapons +18 to event safe exchange - Stricter penalty for using illegal programs in the case of 1 ban is an auto ban for 5 months with a ban on the second ban for 14 months! - All raidbosses in the Raid Boss event have a faster respawn time
  10. Latinos presentes

    Buenas! algun clan latino jugando?
  11. Server downtime 30.03.2022

    1 hour left to open the server!
  12. Server downtime 30.03.2022

    Server will start in 3 hours! Download full patch get ready!
  13. Update Client 31/03/2022

    DOWNLOAD FULL PATCH & L2UPDATER If you have clean client game Lineage 2 Interlude, then download our patch (v.80), and install it in the folder with the game. Do not forget to delete the System folder for an error-free update. All patches ready to work on Windows 10 Patch Mirror#1 Patch Mirror#2 L2Updater
  14. Server downtime 30.03.2022

    Mentioning that this week the server time is + 3GMT to see which is better! so the server will be online one hour before the olympiad!
  15. Server downtime 30.03.2022

    Hello everyone, We hope you rested well this time as best as possible because the next part of the adventure is coming!The server starts at 19:00 +2 GMT it is required to update the files with L2Updater or download the full patch PS. Don't forget to vote to win something!
  16. Vote system updated!

    Vote system has been updated! rewards every week !!! 1st. 4x Box 2nd. 1x Special Adena Rune Bonus 250% 3nd 500x Vote Coin(s) 4th-10 bonus reward in the form of Vote Coin(s)
  17. Event Safe exchange!

    Safe exchange event will start on 15th of April and will last 7 days, finish date will be 22nd April @ 00:00+2 GMT This event will be a chance for all of the players to exchange their redundant weapons with low level of enchant for special materials which can then be exchanged for enchanted weapons. More info can about this event and how it works can be found hereEvent Instruction There is few days for you to get ready for the event, stock up on weapons that you may want to exchange and don't miss out. If you do have any questions regarding this event please get in touch with, we are here to help and answer all of these.
  18. Server downtime 30.03.2022

    The server will be down all wednesday in order to work on the server please spend this time with your families as much as possible! Please remember that on thursday (31/03) you will have to download the latest files from the update in the client to be able to connect to the server
  19. Server downtime 30.03.2022

    The server will go down tonight @ 4 o'clock in order to apply new updates! Once the works are completed the server will go up on which we will keep you informed on our forum!
  20. Merry Christmas!

    Christmas is just few steps away from us and on that occasion we have X-mass reward for you! 🎄🎅🎁🎁 on 24th and 25th December you should be active at 22:00 + 2GMT. Warm wishes from L2Gold Team
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