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  3. If you have clean client game Lineage 2 Interlude, then download our patch (s.02), and install it in the folder with the game. Do not forget to delete the System folder for an error-free update. All patches ready to work on Windows 10 Patch Mirror#1 Patch Mirror#2 Patch Mirror#3 L2Updater
  4. Changelog 05/05/2024

    CHANGELOG 05/05/2024 • From now on, daily quest monsters will respawn faster. • All raid bosses dropping now L2Gold Weapons +10 (not +0 anymore) Increased rewards from daily quests. • Changes in L2Gold/OS weapons' special abilities. Increased critical in all Crokians/Crokians Duals weapons. Increased Magic Attack in all Dusk Sword weapons. • Increased drop rate from all giants. • Increased drop rate from all monsters in daily zones. • Updated Siege Box, now there's a chance to drop Dynasty parts 90%. • The Olympiad system has a 5-minute ban penalty for character and account restarts. Additionally, a penalty has been added in a special room from which you cannot leave and your actions will be logged. Each account will be banned for offenses. • Added Abandoned Mines to the new zone. (Every Monday) New giants with increased drop rates appearing once a week. Added a new giant "Saka's Follower" (respawn time random) that clans,players can fight! An auto announcement will be made when it appears. • Restored Dianne NPC's boxes (Event Shop) to Apella 75% but now they will be +8. • Improved connectivity further to resolve lag issues. • Restored special Lucky Box with Books from +8 to +14! In the event shop (limited time). • Restored iTopZ to the voting system. • Reset PVP Ranking. • From now on, High Rate Events will be twice a week. Every Monday 20:30-21:00 2+GMT. Every Friday 23:30-00:00 2+GMT. Changed respawn time for Raid Boss: Lilith & Anakim respawn time: 10min Rand spawn: 2min. Increased monster drops from High Rate Events. • Added Lucky Box with Book of Giants from +8 to +14! There's now a chance to get it in the tournament event with Box Tournament. • Siege in Innadril, which takes place every other Saturday, will now be held from 01:00-03:00 +2GMT.
  5. I don't get experience with mobs!
  6. Changelog 22/03/2024

    CHANGELOG 22/03/2024 Please see below changes taking effect as of today! • Added new epic boss Frintezza! It will appear every Wednesday at 23:00 +2GMT. • Updated epic box loot. • Now you can acquire the Necklace of Valakas, as well as still obtain the Ring of Baium and Queen Ant from the tournament event (These rewards are available only during the A Grade PVP season). • Added new L2Gold A Grade jewels that normally drop from raid bosses. • Mini bosses now have random respawn times (all have a chance to drop L2Gold Weapon B Grade). • PVP ranking has been reset.
  7. Changelog 27/02/2024

    CHANGELOG 27/02/2024 • Increased drop rate of L2Gold B Grade weapons from raid bosses (valued at 2x L2Gold +16 Weapons). • Updated the safe exchange event (this exchange will only be available during the B Grade and A Grade events). • Further increased connection bandwidth between players and the server to enhance game quality. • Mini bosses now drop not only L2Gold shields but also L2Gold B Grade weapons (previously, only Captain Barbossa dropped L2Gold weapons). • Monday event medal has been reinstated. • Added even more Crystal drops to monsters in daily zones. Exciting upcoming changes? New epic boss Frintezza, L2Gold A Grade jewels during the A Grade event, and much more coming soon! Please update the files from time to time with the auto updater!
  8. Update list - 23.02.2024

    Hi guys Please see below changelog, taking effect as of today! 1. Added new rewards to Event Tournament - Top reward: Ring of Baium and Ring of Queen Ant!! 2. Newly created characters get free 50% experience rune 3. Special Lucky Box which can be found at NPC Dianne (Event Shop) - Chance to get Book of Giants ranging from +8 to +14 4. Added L2Gold Weapons B Grade - Can drop only from Min bosses, Raid bosses and Epic Raid Bosses - You can exchange 1 x L2Gold B Grade weapon for 2 x L2Gold S Grade Weapon +16 5.All Mini Bosses have 10% chance to drop L2Gold Shield B grade 6.From now on, Siege Reward box has also a chance to drop Dynasty parts 85% 7.Added new reward for acheiving max level of Daily Quest - for top level you can get a box which may containt Noblesse Crowns or Blessed Enchants 8.Added L2Gold Shields B grade to reward from Devastated Castle siege (random loot) 100% 9.Added new daily Farming zone - Abandoned Mines - Special Gian will spawn there to challenge clans! 10. Alliance is limited to 2 clans 11. Added clan limit, at the moment you can play 2 party +3 players ( 21 ) members per clan in action. It is anti zerg feature to protect server's progress 12.New pvp ranking - from now PvP counts everywhere! 13.Castles/clan halls have been reset - From beggining of the opening, you need to remember to sign up with your clan to siege as these will start straight away! - clan halls have been put on auction for low prices, ensure to jump on these straight away to secure one for you and your team! 14.Players will get Adena Rune 200% Once they finish their last profession change! 15.Creator rewards have been updated! - rewards will be given at the end of each month 16.Enchant rate boosted from +17 to +24 17.Epic Raid Bosses will be off until Saturday 24th of February and first respawn will be on Sunday 25th of February 18. Olympiad will run with limits as below - enchant limit +3 for any type of equipment (from start of the server) 19. Drop rate boosted in every daily zone 20.Free nick change in account panel will last for a week starting from 23rd of Feb 21.Changed time of Daily Zone Monastery of Silence along with Raid and Mini Boss - There will be announcement appearing when the zone will appear in Daily Zone System 22.Updated drop from Elemental Dragons ( Event Battle IV Arenas ) 23.Added L2Gold molds as a drop to raid bosses, which are required to safe exchange event Have fun!
  9. Event Kick off 23rd Feb!

    Hi community! Hope you are all excited for upcoming grade B Event! Server along with the Event will start this Friday which is 23rd of February at 21:00 +1 GMT Epis Raid Bosses as well as Olympiad will be turned off until Monday 26th of January Stay tuned!
  10. Preparations for opening!

    The server is offline! preparatory work is underway for the opening of the server, which will take place on February 23!
  11. Servidor Caido

    Buenas noches, no deja entrar al servidor. hay otra actualizacion nueva o es mantenimiento?
  12. Update Client 08/08/2023

    If you have clean client game Lineage 2 Interlude, then download our patch (v.92), and install it in the folder with the game. Do not forget to delete the System folder for an error-free update. All patches ready to work on Windows 10 Patch Mirror#1 Patch Mirror#2 Patch Mirror#3 L2Updater
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