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Event Squash - 9th January 

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Event Start 9th January at 22:00 +2GMT


Event Squash is a special event for every player - Freshman and the one wearing a lot of war scars!

During this event you will be able to level up quickly as well as get some extra drop, which may simply increase amounts of mats you are sitting on or give you a solid kick at the begging of your journey on our fantastic project!

It is really simple event, you can find only two type of monsters there:

Smaller squash ''High Quality Squash'" - there is plenty plenty of these around

These will give you highest amounts of experience and they will drop mantras/sn/adena as well as Chrono Campana weapon ( 10% drop chance )


This is a unique weapon which will last 20 minutes ( do not worry, go back to kill some more small squashes and you will get another one! )

Wielding this weapon you will be able  to enjoy the event more as you can join hunting Larger Squashes ''Large Young Squash''

 These bad boys will be spawned in designated area and if you get lucky enough you will get special drop like  Special Epic Box image.png  or Enria

From Epic Box you might get rewards like extra mantras, BEAS, BEWS , Wep A grade with SA ++

Raid Bombs  image.png  will drop from 'High Quality Squash' 

Gift boxes  image.png image.png


*  ''Large Young Squash'' can also be killed using normal weapon, however you will not be able to get Special Epic Box





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