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CHANGELOG 31.12.2020

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On this last day of the old year we wanted to show you below is a list of changes that took place in today's update : 


1.New extender

  • fixed visual bug in hair slot in trade 
  • fixed the issue with removing an item during Olympiad fight
  • we have applied a fix which should prevent lags during mass fights, please do let us know if they might still appear (message us via fan page or direct message through forum)

2.Added new function to automatic events

  • once event is finished, top killer will be announced in global chat
  • top killer will also receive additional reward, if there will be two top killers (same amount of kills)  a player who registered first to the event will be rewarded.

3.From now on you can have 4 clans in one alliance.
4.Added +5 speed effect to Christmas hats ( Santa's hat, Santa's Antlers) This effect will only remain during Christmas period 
5.From now on if you attempt to use any illegal software you will automatically receive one month penalty, if you do it again after that period the penalty will be multiplied by 3 and so on, we will not be removing any of these.
6.Added new hat ''Baba Yaga's Hat'' which is available at Dianne Event Shop
7.Added a small feature to secure pray rooms (you will not be able to leave a character with Resurrection effect on it already, ready to wake up anytime)
8.Mass Resurrection skill casting time extended by 3 seconds
9.Skill touch of Death reuse time increased by 100 seconds. 
10.We have now set minimal and maximum prices in Private Stores for top L2Gold weapons and shields.
11.Removed Cursed Weapons.
12.The limit of game windows opened from one machine is now set to 4 from 5


The epic respawn time we will be introduced after the new year! 




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