Hi Everyone, See below list of changes that took place today 🙂  1.Added new reward system to TvT events - from now on you will have to have at least one kill in order to claim reward if your team was the winning one ( this is to prevent from BOTS and AFK players standing in the corners, not doing anything and feeding kills) If you wont score any kills you will not receive reward. 2.On every automatic event you will now see how many kills you have achieved ( the number will be visible above your title) 3.Added AIO support to every live event all vs all 4.Headquarters flags during siege are now harder to destroy 5.You can now find raid boss Von Helman in Cursed Village 6.Added B grade event all vs all 7. .jointvt command has been disabled  8.Snipe skill effect has been reduced  9.Mage classes are now receiving Prophecy Of Water during automatic events
10.Antharas re spawn has been fixed ( should not be any issues with it going forward, however if for some reason there are problems please do report to us) 11.Added Special Top Jewel and top shield to Siege reward box. From now on you can get not only L2Gold weapons but you have a chance to receive Top Jewel L2Gold or Top Shield. 12.Added new Auras - thanks to which you are getting passive buff if you are standing next to the Stones. Magic stone will be increasing stats for mages , and Strength Stone will be increasing stats for fighters. 13.Weapons which are looting from Epic boxes enchant has been improved, from now on you can get weapons even +12. 14. AQ and Baium rings are now adding +3 Accuracy. 15. Added additional re spawn to every automatic event. There is 2 of them from now onwards. 16. Reduced price of Masks that can be bought for Vote Coins - they now cost 50% less. 17. Loot from S-Lucky Box has been increased. From now you can get between 16-25 Blessed Enchant Weapon S-Grade. 18.compiled new Extender to improve the connection of the server with the anti bot and to improve the fluency in the game in case of the DDoS attacks. 19. Increased drop from Lucky Box as well as reduced the price of the box by 50%. 20. Reduced price of scroll of reputation. 21. Added new Raid Boss Korim (More Details)     In order to enjoy these changes you need to make sure to have the latest patch downloaded and have run ''full check'' via our updater.   Valakas, Baium, Ant queen and Antharas were re spawned. We will be setting the time of them being available to kill as mentioned in our post few days back. Stay tuned and keep an eye on our forum to ensure you have the correct data.