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Event 4 vs 4!

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Good morning/afternoon/evening to everyone! :)


Another round of our event will take place on 27th of August @ 22:00 +2 GMT

This time you will get to fight in teams made of 4 players and as previously this will be A grade event only with enchant limitation to +3 applying to Armours/Jewels/Weapons.

There will be few items which are not allowed like: Greater healing potions, CP potions, S-grade items, Hat's from vote & Special mask with increased stats, Ressurection and awaking scrolls
Empower/Wind Walk/Haste potions are allowed. 

Not allowed items MUST BE LEFT IN YOUR WAREHOUSE, you cannot have them in your inventory – we urge everyone to follow that rule as everyone who has any of not allowed items will only cause delays in the whole event as we will be checking your inventories.

No allowed classes: Cardinal , Hierophant , Eva’s Saint and Shillien Saint

Each team must be made of four different classes ( for example pony+dagger+tank+saggitarius ) teams where 2 players are playing the same class ( for example pony+pony+sagi+dagger) are not allowed, they all must be different to each other.

Hero skills are not allowed either, each team with Hero character will have one of GM's together in party during fight to ensure these skills are not being used

It is already raised above but i will repeat it here: Please follow the not allowed items restrictions and MAKE SURE THEY ARE NOT IN YOUR EQUIPMENT as we will be checking you over, failing on that rule will extend the whole happening in time.

Reward list:

1st. Place 3x Raid Bombs , Weapon s-grade +16, 700 Event-Medals / per player

2nd. Place  2x Raid Bombs , Weapon s-grade +15, 600 Event-Medals / per player

3rd. Place 1x Raid Bomb , Weapon s-grade +14, 500 Event-Medals / per player

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