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  1. RevolutionCrew inc.

    Wody chilling with his friends talking about stefa. Stefa living in your head RENT FREE LMAO
  2. RevolutionCrew inc.

    Holyshit gipsys got really excited right now, imagine being so lowlife playing l2 to make money in 2019
  3. RevolutionCrew inc.

    We just gave you more attention than anyone in your life did
  4. RevolutionCrew inc.

  5. RevolutionCrew inc.

    And lets be real here, calling stefa a joke while he played with people who your clan leader begged for ally is kinda hilarious
  6. RevolutionCrew inc.

    This conversation is so low iq i can already tell you guys are greeks xD. Imagine being so low life drinking morning coffe and reading l2gold forum and this made your day. I actualy feel bad for you after what you just wrote
  7. RevolutionCrew inc.

    Mate you didnt rape any server you ever played be real here for a second. Second even for you to have the slightest chance to "rape me" you would need atleast 9 partys vs 4. OH WAIT KEKW
  8. RevolutionCrew inc.

    Alex you are a joke and you know it. Every server with more than 500 people that you tried to play no1 wanted to play with you and you failed miserably. I actualy can not belive there is still sheeps who play this game with you mind BLOWN
  9. RevolutionCrew inc.

    5 days per server players KEKW
  10. RevolutionCrew inc.

    Zara talks about winning epics last server his dumb leader quit server after he lost AQ with 9 partys to 4. Go google your condition on wikipedia its called delusional
  11. RevolutionCrew inc.

    All this greeks talk about is competition and every server i play they are feed bots, how delusional are you damn
  12. RevolutionCrew inc.

  13. Team Liquid

    2-4 partys