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  1. Class vs Class oly

    Most of the people dont play oly with their main classes ... Thats one reason to go Class Based. Instead of having 5-6 HE in class based playing oly,most of them will log Pony,Tyrant,TK,Sws or w/e the server has without nerfs. Then people jump into the stupid argument "Newbies cannot play versus people with +20 weaps" like a)everyone has +20 and b) a newbie is supposed to have the same gears by any means with someone who is playing here for months. Those people vote btw
  2. Class vs Class oly

    If i start playing a server 3 days ago in any server ,should i stand a chance versus someone who plays for moths? In PvP,gear,Oly ... WTFFF am i reading @=Matthew= This guy votes ...
  3. Class vs Class oly

    Its really funny to me that random people talk trash when they havent feed class based WITH ENEMIEs in their lives. In order to avoid 3 full geared people you need an army ... Trash wont dont know how to play their class properly are going to be exposed
  4. Olympiad vs Rebirths

    The change will be meaningless because the plague itself is the AvA and the feedfest. It doesnt matter if you remove the 3HP rebs... The mages will lose the 3 Acumen.Its not even nerf actually (as it is). Changing a variable from this multi-variable equation wont make any difference.You have to start removing those from the "field"(gameplay).