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    We are proud to announce that the time has come when we can optimistically control the fruit our hard work. But this is not the end, we also care to provide you with fair gameplay surrounded by the variations we manage. Not extending! We present 7 simple rules, which we ask you to follow in particular facilitate the task for all of us and provide a stable server, worth attention and time. 1. GM NEVER RESPOND IN GAME We really have a lot of work in game. Working in files and search for update. 2. CONTATC WITH US ONLY IN FANPAGE/FORUM It's really important for talks in forum 3. THERE IS NO TOLLERANCE FOR BOT We made new antibot system we have high hopes for them 4. JAILL FOR EVERYONE IS NOT A SURPISE There will be warnings first, if it doesn't work will delete your XXXXXXXX 5. IF YOU DONT WANT PLAY SO LEAVE NOT WRITE "SHIT SERWER" Bullshit will be punished Jail 6. LOOK CAREFULLY WHAT YOU DO We have no possibilites watch over trade, 7. WE ARE OPEN TO SUGGESTION FROM OUR PLAYER'S You have really good propose, and sometimes Certainly we will not suggest ideas fully but it will give us tips
  2. I will explain to you how the server works! Many people think that this is a beta test well, not dear players this server is not beta test. Server working like normal server everything is like a live server. We only added armor and jwels 100% to the Shop Mantra Manager. Why we run Live Beta? As we said many time server is opened for you to give you fun this time before summer finish. the server is not created for money as it usually took the last time .. L2Gold.in is a riveting project, we are not any other, we are a server with the truth Will we take advantage of this? we will take advantage of everything being checked and minor things corrected, server is in the advertising process many people do not know about us it is time to rebuild the good name l2gold help us join the game get fun and develop the server L2Gold.in We treat everyone seriously in this game if you want, we will extend 4 months for longer. Thank you, dear community have a nice evening Best regards L2Gold.in Team