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  1. RevolutionCrew inc.

    This is the mean one it seems you learn smth about roasting ppl since 2006. Good job dude, now you can be a comedian.
  2. RevolutionCrew inc.

    So cute from you Stefa i realy like what you try to do for us. "brain surgery" this must be tough words for you to learn. You did it good boy, you did it good!!
  3. RevolutionCrew inc.

    woooooooooooh. Bring a knife to a gun fight brah i just got insulted by Stefa, need save that for rest of my life So it means you over 40 then.... Cuz you are gold community trash since 2006 i guess.
  4. RevolutionCrew inc.

    Cmon stefa, GTFO already, no one care about you anymore nonfactor still try to talk... jesus dude, when will you grow? Oh sry, you already 30+ and still live with your mom...
  5. RevolutionCrew inc.

    This is not the point to play in this server for money cuz you can't earn from it. it's just for fun, and to get fun, and listen ppl to cry about everythink, and talk shit on eatch others. This is the main part to play in l2gold, cuz this community is stupid af
  6. RevolutionCrew inc.

    ohh dear WODY Such wise man's words, the Elite l2gold player talk about, not caring about pixels epic's :0 this is kinda fun to read this, but what ever i am the Forum warrior here to spread my word, that old king's will reborn or smth like that Just watch on this server and get all happy shit that they can offer you for this time
  7. RevolutionCrew inc.

    yeah u always say the same "Do i know you" ofc you don't remember me, cuz you don't remember bad stuff happen to you
  8. RevolutionCrew inc.

    Oh god damn. Look son who's back in l2 world it's retard STEFA #NotMainCP I love pre server forum fight's it's so fun to read when retards argue with eatch other, and show 2006 L2 pvp Video, of how they dominate and "Fuck" others. Any way let's be friends and join on this server to prove your dick size again, and fight for PIXELS