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  1. Chronicle

    @FAVORITO if GM's needs many hours for some change in oly or anti-bot system. Then I expect interlude + some other changes takes more time than that. I didn't say close it for months.
  2. Chronicle

    @x0lis +1. Interlude + new auto events + Dynasty armor + fun place/system to farm for Dynasty armor/weapons + at least 80% of the people are happy with olympiad. Close the server for some time (no wipe) and make a grand opening + promote it huge. And let's hope people find there joy back and get more numbers on this server.
  3. Chronicle

    What Chronicle u guys like to play on this server?
  4. Olympiad vs Rebirths

    I don't mind with or without. Just like to see that people play on their favorite class and able to win against every class. So every fight is a 50/50 chance. Also make it easier to get books to enchant skills please. Because as a newbie you won't have the adena to get yourself +16 SA and MJ jewel set+8 etc, since in the first months you need to focus on your main gear.. and the players who are much longer on this server also have +++ skills as well. Maybe drop books during squash event as well? Or add them for a nice price at event shop or something like that.
  5. Hero weapons/skills

    @1917 is not very necessary to say things like no competition and leave server things bro. 2008 until 2015 wasn't OT years that's for sure. Check out YouTube for more information. After that I left in 2015, i didn't play on any l2gold copy until now. So I don't know what's up between 2015 and 2020 but be happy that OT have a 6 months advantage boost on this server and that a 10 days clan with 55% Apella didn't took your castle. But anyway, back to topic please.
  6. Hero weapons/skills

    @1917 yes there is also something wrong with our position during pvp. Feels like our ally like to stand and wait to get debuffed. We don't split up or move or whatever. But even then, these hero skills/buffs are a pain in the ass atm.
  7. Hero weapons/skills

    Dear @LIVE®, Of course I would prefer to win than to lose a pvp BUT i totally respect my enemies and I can totally live with with it when they win, because they have a better strategy or temporary better gear or whatever. But these hero skills are wayyyy too overpowered bro. Our bishop get hit for more that 4k dmg, hero buffs for WHOLE the ally?!, our party was more standing against the wall or whatever than we actually where able to do something back. People are getting frustrated here bro. It's already hard enough to farm 24/7 to make Apella, while your enemy have +++ skills, Apella 100% + much better jewels etc.. and then + hero buffs/skills nonsense? It's not very motivating to play further the way it goes like this.
  8. Does hero buffs/skills too much impact? And does it ruins the pvp atm?
  9. Siege Castle - A Grade

    I think would be fun to make Aden castle siege A-grade max 3 enchant + no hero skills etc. and keep the others sieges on regular. So more new clans will join/stay the server.
  10. Siege Castle - A Grade

    I blow up my axe of ketra+9 and db+9 qq, after that I deleted my characters. Not really special but not bad for someone that just started. Anyway, I will keep an eye on this forum and see what kind of support for new players is.