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  1. Hero weapons/skills

    come from our back on AQ fight for example, like a pro, thinking that you will backstab us during the fight isnt the best solution. Try to cooperate with alliance and stop spamming on forum dude.
  2. Hero weapons/skills

    You are so mad cause you die, if you think that we just run like immortals, keep playing like that. GH will be your 2nd home.
  3. Hero weapons/skills

    +1 1)Maybe fear/silence need more nerf, i aggre to be nerfed also. 2)MareCare plays like its still 2008, need to cooperate with your alliance and your assisting. #)BTW, dont spam on forum w/o reason, Removing hero skills/adding DYES is the worst idea ever,non logic. Chat less play more and better, dont make us quit due to no competition, thanks.
  4. Hero weapons/skills

    You guys better focus on gameplay, position on fights, rather crying on forum about 4k dmg. You have a point about hero skills, i vote to be nerfed, but NO, you die cause of gears and tactics, nothing else. You will get epics when quarantine stops. wp