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  1. Aden Castle Town

    Hello, my suggest is to make Aden town as a capital town. In order to create more nicer town, where it will be SHOP Zone. Aden town is a rich with sound theme and beautiful architecture, and in Aden Church we have a all NPCs for Sub class change, as well as Guilds for skill enchanting
  2. L2gold.in Chronicle

    Players voted before of opening for c4 or c6 and c4 wins, so c4 stay, best chorinicle for me
  3. L2gold.in Chronicle

    c4 best
  4. augmented

    I mean ANCIENT, not AUG , my bad
  5. L2gold.in Chronicle

    To CLOSE SERVER, LOL NO ! a lot of players will leeave, server is so good now !
  6. augmented