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  1. Chronicle

    I bet its the same people who cried to oly and here we have the dreadful outcome C6 ftw!
  2. Chronicle

    According to their actions all these days is more likely to not only bring oly back to how it was which is what 9/10 of the people here asking but instead of that he is going to nerf even more a few classes and make things even worst, this will probably will take him 2 weeks to make it,as with a simple empower in TvT ,it took them 1 week to accept it and 1 week to answer and i don't even know if they have added it yet. Interlude is an amazing idea which will make the gameplay even better, i see only pros in that case and im totally supporting it.What i expect is a big NO from their side or a "soon" which will might take them 2 months to make it.
  3. Chronicle

    Im not asking for class vs class, im asking for oly how it was 2 months ago, read more carefully next time.
  4. Chronicle

    First things first, let's finish with the dreadful oly and after we can see that, if it's possible ofc.
  5. Olympiad vs Rebirths

    I dont mind for the weaps, +16 with SA is 1 week work to get 3-4 of them, but i cant tolerate the situation that exist for 2 months now,I simply cant and im not the only one.
  6. Olympiad vs Rebirths

    Im thinking that this mess in oly and their BIG DENIAL of reverting the changes back happened to drive oly to the worst state ever so the next thing will be to add the class based, people will welcome it as a miracle since oly now at this state is dreadful. PS: i just broke my oly weaps to make myself leave from this cancerous olympiad.
  7. Olympiad vs Rebirths

    I rly wanna see those 30 who voted oly w/o reb who are they? Do they even play oly? cuz oly w/o rebs is a big garbage, you can all see that in action for 1 month now
  8. Class vs Class oly

    Please stop posting, i have seen a lot of people like you posting their whatever suggestions to the GMs who dont actualy know the game, at the end they sweet talked to them to get their suggestions done and the outcome was to ruin the server. Most of the people left fro both sides. So please stop posting, i would appreciate it.
  9. Class vs Class oly

    Telll us your theory mr oly master. Do you really believe that our heroes are threatened? Not in the slightest.You forgot to attack the people who know better than you...we saw your suggestions.... removing stuns from pray rooms ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ cancel bots ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ people now abuse cancel in dualbox during epics to cancel other people ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. But i guess is OT's fault isn't it?
  10. Class vs Class oly

    How i feel you on the newbie thing...but you know,i would like to go play official and from 2nd day to have same chances to kill a guy who is playing there for 5 years and has spend 2k euros Im a newbie, why not Anyway, that class based is gonna happen so is pointless to cuntinue discussing about AvA. All i want of class based it to be able to see names in GH, it will make our game more comfortable AND announce it a week before to prepare.
  11. Class vs Class oly

    true, many of us will reroll to the classes who know best.
  12. Class vs Class oly

    did i say that there is no feed? Still, good players for sure deserve the hero, but still an average player with better gear will win
  13. Class vs Class oly

    It can be, but people have farmed for oly gear and even traded their own fighting gear for some oly weaps and armos, all of their efforts will go to waste and all these high enchanted a grade weaps will lose their value if you make max+3 enchants. Also i strongly support my opinion that New players should never be able to compete a guy who is already playing and farming here for 2-3-6 months, they should put some effort to do that, or else why is this guy farming all these months?
  14. Class vs Class oly

    Its OT's fault
  15. Class vs Class oly

    A good gladi could kill Tyrant and SwS, i remember few of my people even killing Lavieestbelle sometimes depending on criticals. Lavieestbelle could kill tyrant cuz he play the best sws, that means SwS has chances to kill tyrant. Pony could kill tyrant and gladi but not all the of the times, there are only 3 pony who have chances to kill those 2 classes, Wh1te,Smigol and GeForce, all the others cant. Poni could kill tanks but lose from SwS. Cov has 100% chances to kill pony,tanks, even some very good gladi and tyrants, is just that the people dont know how to play it. Mages have high chances to kill pony, they again dont know how to play. TK(elf tank) could kill tyrant and gladi most of the times. Daggers and archers could kill all tanks and titans when they used eva rebs. DA could kill pony and mby some tyrant, gladi,sws that depends on the player's skills. In all of the examples above i give you a circulation of points between strong classes(TK,DA,pony.SwS.Tyr,Gladi,Cov) Pony became OP cuz you removed rebs, lv2 earth-warding from SwS and criticals from Tyrant and Gladi,otherwise it couldnt finish with 500 points.After removing SS it loses to every class on dmg if he cant kill it within 3 mins match.Which means to most of the classes. Tyrant as you see had a few counter classes, now he has none, TK was a sure win but without rebs he lost his atk speed and cant win now,meanwhile Tyrant dont make criticals but hits you nonstop with force rage and he never run out of mana in 3 mins match. All you had to do was to Add a Shield lv1 and cons lv2 to mages, Death whisper lv1 and Focus lv1 to fighters. It wouldnt make them better than the stong classes but their matches would be more durable. Now with the class based,hmmm everyone can just gear up the class he wants and play, but clans with the most players will probably take most of the heroes.There will for sure be some very good matches between mages and archers. But we will lose our interest and will turn out to just log same classes and make feed to our chars cuz feed will exist as long as L2 exist, you cant fight it.