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  1. Cash Event Amended Date

    Hi Everyone! Just a quick message to let you know that the Cash Event we had planned for 20th of September will be pushed back by two weeks and will now take place on 4th of October. Reason being for that date change is to maximise amount of people having chance to stand and fight for that fantastic reward, but as we all know during summer period large group of people has got less time so with that in mind we decided to undertake that change and move the event a bit towards Autumn period!
  2. Unleashing Ant Queen

    Hi, Ant queen will be available to be killed on 19th ( 19.08.2020) @ 22:00GMT+2 Good luck!
  3. Unleashing Antharas

    Hi everyone, Antharas will be avaialble to be killed tomorrow(18.08.2020) @22:00 +2 GMT good luck!
  4. Epic Bosses

    As per change log all of the epic bosses are now frozen and we will let you know when they will be available to kill. this is being done in order to have bosses spawning at more suitable time for everyone. more changes here -
  5. Update taking place - Server downtime

    Server will be going up in approx. 1 hour
  6. Event 4 vs 4!

    Good morning/afternoon/evening to everyone! Another round of our event will take place on 27th of August @ 22:00 +2 GMT This time you will get to fight in teams made of 4 players and as previously this will be A grade event only with enchant limitation to +3 applying to Armours/Jewels/Weapons. There will be few items which are not allowed like: Greater healing potions, CP potions, S-grade items, Hat's from vote & Special mask with increased stats, Ressurection and awaking scrolls Empower/Wind Walk/Haste potions are allowed. Not allowed items MUST BE LEFT IN YOUR WAREHOUSE, you cannot have them in your inventory – we urge everyone to follow that rule as everyone who has any of not allowed items will only cause delays in the whole event as we will be checking your inventories. No allowed classes: Cardinal , Hierophant , Eva’s Saint and Shillien Saint Each team must be made of four different classes ( for example pony+dagger+tank+saggitarius ) teams where 2 players are playing the same class ( for example pony+pony+sagi+dagger) are not allowed, they all must be different to each other. Hero skills are not allowed either, each team with Hero character will have one of GM's together in party during fight to ensure these skills are not being used It is already raised above but i will repeat it here: Please follow the not allowed items restrictions and MAKE SURE THEY ARE NOT IN YOUR EQUIPMENT as we will be checking you over, failing on that rule will extend the whole happening in time. Reward list: 1st. Place 3x Raid Bombs , Weapon s-grade +16, 700 Event-Medals / per player 2nd. Place 2x Raid Bombs , Weapon s-grade +15, 600 Event-Medals / per player 3rd. Place 1x Raid Bomb , Weapon s-grade +14, 500 Event-Medals / per player
  7. Cash event reminder!

    Hello dear community, Hope you are all well and staying safe these days. ust a quick reminder that there is 7 weeks left till our another Cash Reward event! Make sure you organize your teams to take part in it and fight for amazing rewards and don't miss out! all the best
  8. Fake News

    Hi, We have been getting reports about some players sharing fake news about wipe. Now i am going to make it very short and simple: THERE IS NO WIPE HAPPENING ON OUR SERVER end of. if anyone tries to tell you differently please get in touch with us and we will have a chat with them and they wont miss the consequences. Our primary aim is to make this server stable as possible due to this one being our last project so there is no say about wipe happening.
  9. TvT Times & Rules

    Hi Guys, please see below for what times TvT events are taking place: 15:00 +2GMT 19:30 +2GMT A Grade 23:15 +2GMT 00:00 +2GMT 01:00 +2GMT Also another small note - from now on we will be randomly checking TvT events as spectators and if we do see someone without a gear or someone who is blatantly there just to farm medals we will jail and fossil that char for 4 hours. If the same char will be caught doing the same thing the penalty will double and if the same char will do it for the 3rd time, it will be the last one as the whole account will be banned.Please do not send us the screen shots with someone breaking the rules, we will find out ourselves by our random checks so stay on guard We hope that you will take above info seriously and wont mess about on that event. It is designed to be one for fights rather than guarding the corners. L2Gold.in
  10. Changelog 15.06.2020

    Hi Guys, please see below changelog which has taken place today. Please report to us if there are any issues. Polearms locked in TvT Events Added empower potion item, can be bought from NPC Harvana Added party recall Giran Harbor skill to Eva’s Saint class Added party recall to Siege Innadril skill to Eva’s Saint class Added new mini boss Ubbe Added Special Event Buff during Event Medal event Added empower buff for mages in TvT event Restore Life reduced to 30% life regeneration Added 15% to Zeus Mask Of Life (current stats 10% HP 15%CP) Monsters in Elven Ruins are now also dropping water mantra Added support buffs for mage/fighter upon attacking Vampire Warrior in Elven Ruins (aim of that is to make farming easier, and PvP more enjoyable) Recipes drop has been reduced massively in Eleven Ruins Description of Vote Coin Masks have been fixed to make them accurate Champion monsters drop in Elven Ruins has been boosted Reduced respawn of all the standard mobs in Elven Ruins Added AIO Buffers with Buff Effects Elven Fortress is not reachable via Gatekeeper anymore Increased mob respawn in Imperial Tomb Added additional raid boss to Imperial Tombs: Bloody Tree Vermilion, Last Lesser Glaki, Varka Hero Shadith, Ketra Chief Brakki, Shuriel Fire of Wrath, Cherub Garacsia, Varka Commander Mos more info here - https://l2gold.in/forum/index.php?/topic/22769-main-raidbosses-drops-locations-and-respawn/&tab=comments#comment-28466 When you enter to Elven Ruins which is PvP zone you will be teleported into random places rather than one spot Added new siege – 1st Dion Siege will take place on 28th of June 2020 @21:00 +2GMT, and exactly at the same date and time there will be 1st Gludio Siege taking place, aim of this is to allow more clans to take castle. Fixed teleporter in castles, for example you can now go to bandit stronghold from there Fixed effect on mask Circlet which you can get from castle, from now on it will add 10% HP Upcoming Epic Raid bosses which will respawn will be blocked from killing and unlocked at the best time for everyone to set the time of respawn, you will be advised prior to bosses being available to kill via post on forum. Lags – we have added adapted some of the server settings to get rid of the lags, please do let us know if there are further issues with that regard. Ghost Gatekeeper mob in Imperial Tomb will also drop Water mantra Cardinal has got level 1 Haste self-buff in Olympiad. Added Acumen and Haste Level 1 self-buff for Arcana Lord Class in Olympiad Reduced Shield Slam skill duration from 1 minute to 30 seconds. Necklace of Brakki reducing damage from Dagger Skills has now been fixed Crown Raid Bosses removed from Elven Fortress Mini Boss "Crokian Ladd" Moved to Imperial Tombs (more info here https://l2gold.in/forum/index.php?/topic/22756-mini-boss-drops-locations-and-respawn/) Added support buffs to AIO buffers in Castle (Chant of Victory/Prophecy of Water / Prophecy of Fire/ Prophecy of Wind/ Gift of Seraphim, Blessing of Queen) Added new Box: ‘’S-Lucky Box’’ you can buy it with Raid Boss Awards and inside you may find anywhere from 12 to 22 Blessed Enchant Weapon S Prophet gets POF when he enters Olympiad fight as a self-buff. Sonic Rage skill description has been fixed, it was giving incorrect details about MP consumption. Concentration level 1 buff added to Soultaker class in Olympiad Added Acumen Level 1 skill to Elemental Summoner in Olympiad Hero skill fear success rate decreased by 10% and time duration has been changed from 15 to 5 seconds. Unlocked Lvl 2 Warding and Earth songs for Sword Muse in Olympiad Low lvl Raid bosses removed. High rate Event teleporter names have been updated to make it clear which one you are joining. Mini Boss "Sir Padrig" moved to Elven Ruins (more details HERE) Reduced respawn time of Champion monsters in Elven Ruins Rebirths are allowed to be used during Olympiad games Increased drop from Lucky Box which can be bought in Event Shop Raid Boss Rahna has been moved to Giants Cave Armor S-Grade 100% has been added to mantra manager- Now you can buy 55% piece of Armor and refine it straight away to 100%. BEWARE- if you do this on enchanted item it will NOT keep it’s enchant level. For example, if you have Draconic Gloves +8 55% and you will refine them to 100% using this feature they will become +0 100% sample photo below: PS- It is =Live= Birthday today, so i hope you will join me and wish him a very Happy Bday Live!!!
  11. Server Downtime

    Hi, server will go off @ 11:05 +2GMT today in order to perform updates, we will advise you prior to server going up so please be patient, we will try to bring it up as quick as possible L2gold.in Team
  12. Quick Info Before Big Update

    Hi Guys, Just a quick post to let you guys know that we have fixed few small things based on your reports for example added empower buff to TVT event for mages ( Empower potion will also become available from next update) or updated the description of the masks for vote coins. We are currently working on bigger update and will let you know as soon as it is ready, on the other hand we will raise new topic for smaller updates - long story short changed description, added into the post.Bigger updates will have their own post with breakdown of changes. One of most important reports was regarding the time of Epic Raid Boss re spawns, upon next time of the server restart (This Monday) the Epic Raid Bosses will be locked upon their reborn if they will re spawn in the morning for few hours and we will drop you a quick post on our forum regarding the time of them being available to kill. The point of this is to have them re spawning at more convenient time for more people and make them worth going for and actually having more fun there. Another change will relate to the siege - these wont be happening in different days of the week, we want to have at least 2 sieges taking place at the same time to allow smaller/weaker clans to stand a chance to win one as well. L2gold.in Team
  13. Class vs Class oly

    rever to what? tyrant killing with 2 criticals? SWS running around the whole match? Pony with spirit shots killing almost everyone?
  14. Class vs Class oly

    As per the title, please vote on Olympiad being class based. To those who may struggle to understand it means tyrant is only fighting with tyrant, pony with pony etc etc.
  15. Server downtime

    Hi, Server will go down today @ 15:00 +2GMT in order to perform updates, we will give you 30 minutes notice before it will be turned back on.