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  1. files are corrupted

    as tehbot said delete the system folder (shift+del) then run the launcher as an administrator and run the full check my friend Cheers all the best
  2. help me

    Hi mate see above response Cheers
  3. help me

    Before you tell him to try to turn it off and back on I am advising the drivers have nothing to do with it as your l2 client uses on board graphics /CPU . Now if there were any issues with this component he wouldn't be able to even post here. His issue must be the Nvidia Experience Shadowplay or some other overlay running on the background that needs to be disabled . I had the same issue with your gameguard. Kindest Regards
  4. active launcher error

    try running it as an administrator my dude
  5. Mr =Live=, This is the player's section and I would really appreciate you to actually learn how to receive a feedback from players that actually play and pay in your server since day one and stop closing our responses or deleting topics like you did previously. If you dont like our discussions you might as well kick us all out of the forum and just keep your own notes by yourself. Thanks, Now dont chuck a tantrum mate just because you do not agree with an opinion. Obviously you would not agree with this topic as if you were, you would have recognized the significant nerfing you have caused this class and the rest of the fighter classes ofc but the dagger class a little more as you made it completely useless since day one. Now telling me you had done some boosting in 2 links you provided means nothing as the changes obviously were not even noticed. Obviously seeing a player making topics and others agreeing underneath and also not seeing any dagger class roaming around your server should mean something or should have rang a bell right? Something must be wrong. Now please understand I am here to help you prioritizing as it has gotten boring and annoying on behalf of all of us playing the same classes again and again on this server. At the end of the day its a pvp server just keep that in mind and we need to have some fun and you make it really difficult. Kindest Regards. KD
  6. Dagger Class/Fighter class issue

    Unfortunately this development team don't have much of gameplay experience by the looks of it . They dont know whats fun in this game neither how it works, they just changed every single character for the mass pvp to last forever I guess. solo pvp in this server would be with Tyrant or Wl vs SPH SPS thats the server. Needless to say in olympiad how hard it sucks when your stats are that low compared to to other classes or even when you try to use your bless the body stick to get buffed that it doesnt even work and 2 out 5 matches you will get bless the body. Very disappointing
  7. Dagger Class/Fighter class issue

    Hi Matthew, Probably you are not informed that well, let me enlighten you in these dark days we are living brother! You had an update since to actually nerf the backstab even more because apparently Born and some others that had just made their Apella robe 100% received 3.5k damage from a backstab. I was there I did this backstab and it was +9 , now what you guys did not understand is its a backstab (back-stab) he received damage from the back which is only normal to receive heavier damage from behind, it was also a single blow which is normal for this class to be able to damage that much as its not as powerful in it's defences or HP. You removed the leathal chance also. So please dont tell me something got "bosted" because no every single update I've been here before you even came to the scene and I can assure you the dagger class has only been nerfed since day 1 Regards
  8. Dagger Class/Fighter class issue

    Hi Team, Last February on the 28th I was told the same thing by =Live= mate. Many updates occurred since then and its nothing but promises, I am really at the point were I am asking you pretty much with my above post an ETA. I do not understand how the changes you've been doing all year long have bigger importance than the base stats of the whole fighter class race. So please enlighten me when?
  9. Hi Team, Its been a while I have been asking for an honest response and been speaking with your staff regarding the nerfing you did almost a year ago. Since then you have promised after the next update there will be a boost up generally on the fighter class and the dagger classes will go back to normal. Needless to say through the year many updates came but no not a single change occurred in general with the fighter classes needless to say ghost hunters, adventurers and wind riders have been nothing but useless to be played while they are one of the classes you are supposed to go rogue and attack a party. I have tried to get in contact recently again but I have been nothing but ignored. It will be really be appreciated if you stop condemning the server to be played only with SPS SPH or in general mage classes or fighter classes Tyrant and Wwarlords spamming Battle Roar and actually focus on making the server's game play more interesting as not only the fighter epics are garbage pretty much giving on critical damage the lower stats that have been seen ever on a lineage 2 server (they are called EPICS for a reason) but also the base stats of the fighters are generally nerfed to a ridiculous stage where it affects the lower classes such as dagger class and makes them completely useless and incompetent in Olympiad (All) and in PVP. I trust the team will see this message and not delete it this time and will take urgent action on this matter. Regards, Konstantin