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  1. I n t e l l i g e n t E v i l EVERY OUTPLAY HAS AN EVIL SIDE We are recruiting new players who would like to join our clan and be a part Us and see the beginning of something great. Requirements to join: We don't have age limit but you must be mature as a player. It's great to joke around and we loving doing it while grinding gear but when time comes to be more serious you have to be more serious. You have to be able to speak and understand English language. You have to be talking and communicative person by that I also mean you have to talk and communicate with clan mates on discord. You have to be active Lineage II player. It's a MMORPG so it's no secret that it takes generous amount of time to grind for gear.Your main game is also have to be Lineage II because If you play something else - just not enough time to be good at the game. If you're new player in our clan and you want to learn the game that's not a problem we gladly welcome you to join us but you must sacrifice time to learn the game and how to become better. You need to have no expectations when joining our clan. Like I just said we still building our team so you might be just at the beginning of everything. You can request to join just simple by messaging in any of the ways above: Discord: f0rtem#5784 PREFERRED Facebook: http://m.me/IntelligentEvil DM on this forum