Changelog 06/02/2023

H guys,

Hope Everyone’s doing alright!

See below list of updates which are taking place as of today. You need to download our latest patch/run full check!

1. Added Adena Rune Bonus 400% which can be obtained for 2nd place in Votes –

2. Added Adena Rune Bonus 350%, available to buy at NPC Event Shop

3. From now by voting at on hopzone you get 300% Adena Rune

4. Max level limit increased to 80LvL

5. All monsters in top zones have got their drop boosted!

6. Updated Pandora Box and added to relevant tracks.

7. Imperial Tomb zone has now got more mobs with better drops!

8. Added new Passive skill +2% M atk, +2% P Atk effect and 10% Bonus Drop Adena. You will get this skill automatically once you hit lvl 80 with your character

9. Added new Reward Box containing dynasty parts refined to 75%! You can get it from Siege Box

10. You now have a chance to get the epic Jewel Ring of Queen Ant from Event Tournament Box

11. Core, Orfen, Zaken Box drop has been boosed. You can also get Dusk Shield L2Gold B Grade from these.

12. Added new zone – Pagan Temple!

13. Added 2 stone giants in Pagan Temple! Respawn time is 4 hours +1 hour random

14. Giant stone droop boosted!

15. Few things in Capture The Flag Event were fixed

players from the same team cannot kill each other
added 80 seconds of spawn protection. This has also been added to other events
additionally every tvt event now grants you a reward for kills
16. Added mini boss Sly Hound Dog to Pagan Temple

17. Boosted drop of mini boss Sly Hound Dog

18. Added new armour Ancient White Apella Armor! You can get it by exchanging Dynasty 100% at Mantra Manager

19. Added 2 new L2Gold B Weapons. Apostle Blade * Apostle Blade Duals and Sword of Cuddles. Stats of these are increased when you compare them to usual B grade weapons, in order to make them usable

20. Updated Box Reward from TvT!

21. Clan hall Adena cost has been increased. This is to prevent from Clan Halls being occupied by inactive clans.

22. Added a preventing tool to Olympiad. From now once your character goes below 10 points you will be able to join every 15 minutes.

23. Added Special Box Apella 75% Sets +7 for Newbies!

24. Alliance can now be formed out of 5 Clans at a maximum!

25. Boosted rewards for voting at! 

26. All masks/hero weapons are now blocked for B grade Event!

27. Added Special Box Shield L2Gold box containing random L2Gold B grade Shields

28. Added Special Box L2Gold B grade to Devasted Castle

29. Ability to exchange L2Gold B Grade +0 weapons for L2Gold S Grade +16 weapons

All the best!

L2Gold Team

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