CHANGELOG 09/01/2021


1. New Extender
– we have finished fixing masks in private store, from now on you will not see the ones which are not available. not see the ones which are not available.
– from now when using ressurection skill there is limited amount of time to “stand up” 
–  in siege zones ressurection skill does not work.
2. Restored C4 clan gameplay system
– removed royal guards ( this will effect the players who were inguild with this position will be removed from clan and you need to contact your clan leader to join again)
-maximum clan level is now 5
3. Restored skill effect to Duelist Spirit, it gives critical as it used to be back in past.
4. Prophecy of Wind now adds 10% to critical damage
5. Added automatic reward once you have conquered Devastated caste , the reward will go straight to Clan Leader 
6. Adden clan halls in Heine are now available.
7.Mass ressurection skill has been extended by 2 seconds
8. Resist Aqua skill has been reduced to level 1 only
9. Added new Sieges

– Gludio Siege will take place on 20.01.2021
– Gludio Siege will take place on 03.02.2021

  • Giran Castle will be removed and locked on 19th of Jan. at 00:00 +2GMT
  • Dion Castle will be removed and locked on 2nd od Feb. at 00:00 +2GMT

Dynasty Armour – Cash event!

THE EVENT STARTS TODAY (30.10.2020) @ 20:00 +2GMT


It is very simple event – first player who gets whole set of new armour 55% will win the main prize. 

If you wish to take part in the event you must take a screenshot with your character visible on it with it’s nick name, your inventory must be showing complete set of armour and there must be date stamp on the screen shot as well. Once you have these you must post the screen shot in our Media Section  by creating new topic with title as follows : ”New Armour – your nick name” (

To make it very clear – the winner will be the very first player to have a full set of Dynasty Armour refined to 55%, and you must provide proof to it with time and date as mentioned above.

Reward list will be as follow:

  • 1st place – 150 euro in cash
  • 2nd place – 100 euro in cash
  • 3rd place – L2Gold weapon of choice enchanted to +12

Sample how new topic should look like:


And then the post should be in a format as follows:

Nick in game: xxx

Screen shoot:xxx


This is how a correct post would look like:


VERY IMPORTANT – at the end of the post you need to tell us what country you are playing from

We ask for this due to time zones differences between players. Posts missing any of above details will not be taken into consideration.

Below screenshot shows crucial things which are marked in RED. These must be readable, visible and present on the screen shot. 

Screenshots not containing these details will not be taken into consideration so please check these carefully. There is date and time in the right bottom corner, whole set of armour is visible in the inventory, Nickname is visible in two places.


We hope you will join this fantastic competition and have loads of fun, and rewards are worth a while!

All the best, and may the quickest win! team

Server Downtime – Update

Server will go down tomorrow (30.10.2020) in morning hours. You will receive in game notification to find safe place as the game will switch off.

The server will be going back up @ 20:00 +2GMT and the change log will be added few hours prior to that. Together with new update we are also kicking off with New Armour cash event so make sure you are ready for that taking place!

Discord Server

Hello Everyone!
This is our official Discord channel and everyone is more than welcome here, we want to be closer to our community and make it grow as big as possible as we are now very close to big happening for us which will be brand new website. We kindly ask you to be polite to each other, do not be offensive and have respect to each other!
It has been created to have any topic conversation between everyone 
( Including us as a L2Gold team)
Looking forward to speak to each and everyone of you!
L2Gold Team

Discord Server