Top Killer Cash Event – Active!

Hi everyone!
Today is the day when we kick off with Top Killer Cash Event!
Taking part in this event is very simple – you need to join automatic events which are happening every day, and during these events you need to kill the most amount of players 
in order to receive Top PvP Token:  :    
The Top PvP is not tradeable item, you cannot drop it either so everyone who wants to stand and fight needs to do it on his own.

You need to collect 25 of these in order to claim one of fantastic rewards which we have prepared for you, so don’t miss out and let others jump ahead of you as these will be as follows: 

1st Player who gets 25 Top Killer Tokens will receive 150 euro!

2nd Player who gets 25 Top Killer Tokens will receive 100 Euro!

3rd Player who gets 25 Top Killer Tokens will receive L2Gold Weapon of choice +12

We wish everyone happy hunting and at the same time we are hoping to see fair competition, without people ”giving each other kills” during the events, as we will be keeping close eye on these and actions like this will be solely punished.

May the best win! Team


Share & Win event!


Event in Facebook 
#x45 #Chronicle 4 Scions of Destiny

The intentionof this event is to support the new players.
Please do not ask/register for rewards if you are a person who doesn’t need them, any attempts of cheating will be punished.

This event is for every new player, whether you are coming on your own or as a clan. 
We are not planning to organise events like this in future so take your chance and join us now!

Registration for the event is valid from 26.03.2021-31.03.2021 (5 days)

How to participate:

1) Only share and LIKE this post and leave a comment with your nick name in the game
PLEASE NOTE: Only real Facebook accounts will be considered, attempts made from fake accounts will be severely punished, mainly by not allowing you to enter our server
2) Make sure the post is posted as Public, so we can verify it!

Facebook Reward list:

Special box Armor inside (Apella Armor 90%+7)
Special box Weapon inside (S Grade Weapon SA +15)

Mold L2Gold Weapon (You can change for L2Gold weapon during safe exchange event time)
1x Ring S Grade 90%+7
1x Earring 90%+7
1x Necklace 90%+7
7x Special Red Box Gift
10x Special Blue Gift Box
12x Lucky Box
1x Special Rune Adena 50%

Full recommend character

Changelog 26.03.2021

The following changes are valid from 26/03/2021

  • Added territory hwid check (this will be helpful during live events)
  • Added new panel for staff members in order to allow them work more efficiently during events as well as to improve the way we can deal with technical issues of players.
  • Headquarters skill reduced reuse time to 1 minute / 30 seconds randomly
  • Added new raid boss to Event Medal event which is taking place every Monday from 21: 00-22: 00 + 2GMT Raid Boss Satan Respawn time 20 minutes 
  • Aura flare skill reduced from 1.5 skill time to 1.0
  • Touch of death skill reuse time has been doubled
  • Boosted drop of Stone Giant from now you can get much more blessed scrolls and between 45 to 96 yellow crystals!
  • Added automatic event All vs All IV Arena every tuesday battle fight all vs all 10 minutes!
  • Added L2Gold Weapons + 10 Random reward lot from Special Box Siege Reward 
  •  Boosted daily quest rewards
  • Reduced fire resist of Necklace of Valakas
  • Mask of Zeus Protection and Mask Of Zeus Life are now also adding +6 Speed
  •  Skill dual of mastery hare now boosted, which means you will have slightly more phisical attack when wearing duals on classes like Blade Dancer, Duelist, Warlord
  • Added auto flag after hitting raidbosses like Golkonda, Cabrio, Kernon and Hallate which can be found in Giants Cave
  • Boosted drop from monsters Elemental Dragons Mobs from Event IV Arena
  • Boosted power of deadly blow skill
  • Added Raid Bombs to Tombstones 1.5% to drop
  • Giran Siege will start on 03/14/2021
  • Gludio Castle Town will be blocked from 07/04/2021
  • Antibot updated

From now on you also do not need to log all of support buffers, you can enjoy firming without this in top farming zones as you can get these by hitting monsters
Also, we will be considering moving to interlude gameplay going forward, but nothing has been set in stone yet. We will be keeping you updated on this.


Event Safe Exchange

Event Safe Exchange

Safe exchange event will start on 20th of March @ 20:00+2GMT and will last 4 days, finish date will be 24th of March @ 20:00+2GMT
This event will be a chance for all of the players to exchange their redundant weapons with low level of enchant for special materials which can then be exchanged for enchanted weapons.
More info can about this event and how it works can be found here Event Instruction

There is few days for you to get ready for the event, stock up on weapons that you may want to exchange and don’t miss out.
If you do have any questions regarding this event please get in touch with, we are here to help and answer all of these.