Changelog 21/05/2021

See below changelog, these are effective from today after the server is going back up, please ensure to update all of your files!

 – Added new Vote system which is fully operational, you can give your votes her -> and put in your character 
 nickname and then hit the button ”reward”
 – Elven Ruins zone will now ba available on Wednesday’s , Friday’s and Sunday’s from
 – Added newbie support – after getting 2nd class, you will receive Adena Rune Bonus 50% (effect works only without party) 
 – Boosted Adena drop from Unicors and Golden Stag Lord monsters
 – Boosted drop of stronger giants Crokian Warrior which can be found in Outlaw Forest
 – Hero dagger Silence skill succes rate has been decreased by 20% 
 – Added Magic defence effect to Heroic Valor Skill and reduced time of this skill from 2 minutes to 1 minute 
 – Added new box with blessed enchants, you can only get it by being  top killer during automatic events, box can be found in Event Shop
 – Changed the look of Fighter classes when wearing Dynasty Robe
 – Added new system to automatic events – from now on we will have events 4 sides : Green, Yellow, Red and blue
 – Added auto announcment which will inform everyone about Epic Raid Bosses respawning!
 – From now on, once you will claim your Hero status on Sunday @00:00 +2GMT everyone will see announcment who became a hero!
 – Added Ancient Unique Fists
 – Boosted rewards from Quest forsolo players!    
 – Epic Boss Zaken hit points are reduced 2x
 – Epic Boss Queen ant hit points are reduced 2x
 – Critical has been restored on Sonic Rage skill
 – Phoenix Knight class is now getting Buff Focus level 1 buff from beginning of the fight in Olympiad area
 -Prophency of Wind changed critical damage boost from 10% to 20%
– Added more space for summoning flags during Rune Siege
 – Mini bosses drop boosted
– Event Offline Shop – set up your offline shop with thrust worthy items for sale at relevant price and you will receive a gift box from 
  us! Shop must stay on for few days.

Changelog 01/05/2021

See below change log, these are taking effect from today. Make sure to download latest patch! 

– Reduced rate drop recipes from vampire monsters
– Raid Boss Rahha moved to Outlaw Forest (check out)


– Epic boss Core, Orfen now have 2x more Life!- increased Drop from elemental Dragon monsters Items:  Adena and Yellow Crystals (Event IV Arenas)
– New map Colisuem has been added!
– increased damage with a bow on the Destroyer class after using Frenzy


– Skill Trick increased chance of target cancel by 4%
– Skill Switch increased chance of target cancel by 4%
– Elven Ruins removed
– Added new zone opened location Outlaw Forest (Combat zone)
– FPS optimizer has been added, you can turn on functions with the command .menu


– increased drop Stone Giant drop will drop from now more blesseds and Yellow Crystals accurately 84 -156 amount!
 This Giant is available daily from 00:00 – 00:30 + 2 GMT at the Giant Cave
– New Weapon  Ancient L2G-Oldschool has been added. now drops from all Raid Bosses / Epic Bosses

– Increased drop from the Mini Boss Crokian Ladd (chceck out)


– Increased Critical Attack in weapon L2Gold Crokian blade * Crokain blade
– Increased drop Normal Giants!
– Another Safe Exchange event has been prepared! Be ready to exchange!
– Added another new all vs all event, it will take place every Friday at 22:00 + 2GMT
– Unlocked skills on Giants from dagger except skill Leathal Blow
– New Weapon L2Gold Fisty has been added!


  Weapon can drop from below raid bosses / Epic Bosses!

Satan (Event-Medal)
Beastlord Behemoth
Geyser Guardian Hestia
Varka Commnder Mos
Anakim (Event highrate)

– Event Battle all vs all VI Arenas changed to 22:00 + 2GMT every Tuesday!
– Added new Giant Crokian Warrior with bigger drop Yellow Crystals x1.2x more than the regular giant ones. You can find him in Outlaw Forest (Combat zone)
– Added new Siege Rune will take place on 9th May 21:00 + 2GMT
– 3 Siege Will be stopped after the summer period we will bring back a few sieges. The winner of the last sieges and every owner of the castle will get a prize from us
– Added Shop Zone in Aden!
– A new exchange box for  PvP Awards has been added!
– Anit bot protection updated! Login problem solved for many people!

– New system! Schedule of days below which system is running divided into days

Tuesday – All vs All
Wednesday – Class Based
Thursday – All vs All
Friday – Class Based
Saturday – All vs All
Sunday – Class Based

– Class base limit of players to be taken to battle changed from 5 to 3
– Olympiad system points 3 +/- removed!
– Restored old system giving points at olympiad.
– Phoenix Knight classes are now getting buff Might lvl 1 buff from beginning of the fight in Olympiad

In the next update, refining the armor dynasty to 100% will be unlocked!

The changes regarding the Olympiad will be valid from Monday. The Olympiad starts on every Tuesday!