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Server Opening

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I welcome you very warmly and thank you very much for showing us trust last time.

Our server has been open to you in beta in recent months. We are very happy with all the modifications we have implemented since then. Thank you for feedback from people who participated in this beta. Thanks to you, we know that some settings from the C4 journal must be restored.

Now we are almost ready to open. We know, however, that holidays are a bad time. That's why we decided to give you a bit more non-committal play until it is properly opened.

So we invite you to beta 2! ?? This will not be a classic gold game.

You will get enormous facilities at the start. The basic items will be free (because it is beta 2;). This is also a significant time for us. We count on more and more feedback. During beta 2, we will continue to work on upgrades.

For those who have been with us lately. You already know why we are different. You know that it's worth trusting us. There are no free items and like that. There is no favoritism. We play according to equal rules. Just like last time, but thanks to you this time we will be much better, much better prepared. You will see on yourself.

For those who think we are Do not play with us. We do not want to tolerate leaders with habits for big ego and leaving the server without any facilitation. Leave a place for a new generation. Do not destroy what we are trying to create. Take care of families and work, you had your age.

In September we will give you the official opening date. Help us recreate the gold again and put more live into this gamestyle. We hope that this times has not died.


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